EZ-Link, Garmin and Watchdata launches EZ-Link Wearables

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Since its introduction in 2001, EZ-Link has indeed made payment on buses and trains a lot easier.

And last year, EZ-Link added the EZ-Link NFC SIM card, which lets you use your phones instead of your wallets and purses. Of course, not all phones support this feature (see the list of supported phones here), but not to worry, there’s one more option in the form of smart wearables.

In collaboration with EZ-Link, Garmin and Watchdata have released fitness trackers that offer EZ-Link payment functions on top of their core features – the first in a new line of products called EZ-Link Wearables.

Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker X EZ-Link


Featuring the most famous protagonists in the DC Comics universe, the Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker X EZ-Link combines both the functionalities of a smart fitness band and an EZ-Link card. It is lightweight, and when paired with the Watchdata Wearables app, it can monitor steps taken, the number of calories burnt and evaluate sleep quality. It’s perfect for the kids or the ‘young at heart’ who’s not shy about showing their love for the DC heroes. It will be available exclusively on My EZ-Link Online Shop at S$42.80 inclusive of GST.

Garmin vívosmart HR with EZ-Link


The popular Garmin vívosmart HR now comes with EZ-Link, bringing together a fully-featured fitness tracker and the convenience of paying for your train and bus rides in one device. The vívosmart HR offers 24/7 steps, sleep and fitness activity tracking and heart-rate monitor for fitness enthusiasts who want to optimise their exercise regimen. It also features smart notifications, allowing you to receive WhatsApp messages and the like, without having to check your phone. It will be available at major retailers in Singapore from end March 2017 at S$259.



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