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Things You Must Experience At Least Once, 40 On

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In your 40s already? Now that you’re older and wiser, it’s really good a time to take a step back and take stock of what you’ve accomplished in life, and figure out what else you would like to do!

If you’re looking to create a bucket list, here are some recommendations that we think you should experience at least once after 40, if you haven’t already done so.

1. Try bungee jumping or go sky diving.

2. Pick up scuba diving.

3. Adopt a pet from a shelter.


4. Take dance lessons.

5. Go on a Hollywood tour to see where your favorite stars lived.

6. Visit a city where they don’t speak your language and complete a conversation in a foreign language.

7. Pick up a new hobby such as fishing.

8. Be a volunteer and talk to those you serve.

9. Sit at an outdoor cafe with a copy of your favourite novel.

10. Throw yourself a big birthday bash where everything is just the way you want it.

11. Camp at a beach and watch the sunrise.


12. Visit where your parents grew up.

13. Visit at least five of the Wonders of the World.

14. Take tennis lessons, sailing lessons, yoga lessons.

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15. Go to your class/school reunion.

16. Test drive a supercar like a Ferrari.


17. Stay with a family in a country so you can immerse yourself in local culture instead of being just a run of the mill tourist.

18. Catch a Broadway show.


19. Keep a journal.

20. Re-connect with a friend you haven’t talked to in at least 10 years.

21. Teach someone a skill you’re really good at.

22. Splurge on something extravagant such as flying first class.

23. Repair something yourself.

24. Spend an afternoon mentoring/tutoring a child in need.

25. Make a dramatic change to your appearance.


So how many of these have you already experienced? Tell us in the comments section, or add your own suggestions to the list.




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