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5 Essential Tips For Cultivating Good Road Sense In Your Child

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Your pride and joy is a newly minted driver and is behind the family car for the very first time!

Your son/daughter has just got the coveted driver’s license and dying to take the family car out for a spin. The key thing is to be prepared, so have a plan of action to show them how to drive safely, as you cultivate good road sense in this new road user. Here are some tips you can use as a guideline.

1. Start slow – Don’t have your child take the steering wheel and head out on to the expressway as your first lesson, he or she might not be able to cope with the speed. Instead, get your child comfortable with the feel of the family car in a secluded car park. Have him or her drive around the ‘mini circuit’, as they practise their turning, reversing and parking. Also avoid night driving.

2.  Make it clear that driving is a privilege, not a right – Driving should always be taken seriously, so make it clear that if your child doesn’t follow your instructions when on the road, this privilege can and will be taken away.

3.  Make your driving rules very clear – Be firm and clear with things such as when he or she has access to the family car, and who will be paying for expenses like petrol, toll, traffic/parking violation tickets and more. Have the whole family present, so everyone is on the same page and if possible have it in black and white.

4.  Lead by example – Your child will learn a lot by observing your driving behaviour. They will be watching how you handle the car on the road, so make sure you are setting a good example. Always wear your seat belt, check your blind spots, signal early when changing lanes, avoid road rage and obey traffic rules and regulations.

5. Drive a safe car – It’s important to make sure that vehicle is completely safe to drive and not overpowered. Prior to your child’s first drive, take the family car out to your garage to have it checked out, and have your car serviced on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to bring your child with you to the garage to teach them car care. And lastly, if your car is a high performance sports variant, you might want to be more stringent with your rules and instructions, if not it might be wise to let them drive a simpler car.




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