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5 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated About Working Out

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Before you set up a plan to boost your motivation about working out, it is important to understand why people give up on working out.

Here are the reasons why people lose motivation:

  • Doing the same activities over and over
  • Taking part in exercises that do not help you achieve your goals
  • High gym fees
  • Low recovery rate         

The above reasons will have you quit working out and even physical exercise completely. Staying motivated requires you to address the barriers that are hindering you from excelling in physical fitness. You ought to know that if you were already exercising then stopped, your motivation in other areas of your life is slowly diminishing.

If you truly want to stay motivated to work out, you need to do these 5 simple things:

1.     Invest in top-shelf gear

When you have top-notch gear, you will be motivated to workout. The workout gear you choose will depend on your physical fitness goals. Among the general gear that you can get include clothes (including proper shoes and pants), earbuds, gym bag, water bottle as well as wristbands.

Additionally, you need to invest in a workout appliance such as a good bike especially if you like working out on the outdoors. A bicycle with an e-bike kit is safe and easy to operate. It will help you to lose weight, strengthen your leg and arm muscles, and stay healthier. Other equipment that you can buy includes adjustable dumbbells and gliding discs based on the fitness routine you want to adopt.

2.     Become friends with fitness enthusiasts

Maintaining a workout routine takes a great deal of discipline. When your motivation to keep fit dwindles, you may need people to encourage you to keep going. If you work out at the gym, you need to make friends with your gym buddies, especially the ones that rarely miss a session.

Supposing that you work out at home, it is advisable to find other people who also workout at home and socialize with them. Being part of a community that has an interest in fitness will keep you going even in the days you don’t feel like putting on your gym shoes.

The goal of having such friends is so that you learn what keeps them motivated to work out. Remember that “birds of the same feather flock together.” This circle will help you become committed and determined. Most importantly, they will make you accountable for your own progress.

3.     Redefine your goals

Sometimes the motivation to keep fit fades because your goals are not clear. Therefore, you need to understand the reasons why you should keep fit. Knowing these reasons comes with understanding the benefits of physical activity. The advantages of exercising include:

  • Improved cardiac health
  • Weight control
  • Enhanced mental health
  • Improved muscle and bone health
  • Physical pain relief
  • Energy boost
  • Mood improvement

Having understood these benefits, you need you to ask yourself why you need to work out and go about setting goals to keep on course.

4.     Working out quickly and effectively

When you know that you are prone to losing interest fast, the best thing to do is to pick workouts that you can do within a short duration. Since workouts are designed to get your whole body involved, you need to identify those exercises that are one-shoe-fits-all. Short duration exercises should be a minimum of 20 minutes. For them to be effective, they have to be short-timed high-intensity exercises. Some of the workouts you can engage in include:

  • Tabata workouts: These workouts span for about 12 minutes and are efficient in burning calories.
  • Plyometric resistance training: They involve putting to work numerous muscles through jumping, skipping, lunges, clap push-ups, as well as squats.

5.     Don’t forget to reward yourself

The thought of rewarding yourself will always motivate you to keep going. Concerning treating yourself, you maybe need to inform your friends and family so that they constantly remind you to workout. As part of your rewarding system, you can save money and give it to them to buy your gifts when you accomplish your fitness objectives. This system will keep you working extra harder to reap the benefits of the reward.

working out

Working out can be tough.

You need to channel motivation from your inner self to become more productive. Having an accurate plan, the right mindset, as well as the appropriate setting will also give you enough workout motivation.

Article contributed by Miranda Mirany, a sports and exercise psychologist. She studied Psychology at the University of Florida and is working as a psychologist. She has a big passion to read a lot of different books and she loves writing. In her free time, she loves outdoor activities and she is a fitness lover. You can connect with Miranda on LinkedIn.”

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