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A Local Experience for Rent

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By Deb Giam

The internet has changed the way we live our lives and one of the biggest impact it has made is in the way we travel now. Find out one of the ways it’s changing the way we stay when travelling overseas.

It’s so simple now to hop onto a computer and quickly make bookings for hotels, air tickets and rental cars, and trawl through pages of reviews from fellow travellers to learn about the best places to go and see, or places to eat at. But the internet isn’t just great for being able to offer advice and information, a new trend is taking off in travel accommodation that’s opening up, quite literally, people’s homes to guests.

Did you ever wish that you could have a home away from home while on holiday? To be able to get all the comforts you can’t quite get from a chain hotel, or experience local hospitality from someone who lives and knows the area inside out? Well your wish could easily come true with websites like Roomorama where you can browse through hundreds of listings in different cities and either book out just a room or even the entire place.

Just how does it work? Renting out someone’s property is cheaper, and depending on what your travel itinerary is, could work out better for you location-wise. Roomorama also focuses on mid-range to high-end properties (no hostels or dorms, thank you very much!) and each of these are professionally-managed, so you can expect better quality and reliability.

Teo Jia En, Co-founder from Roomorama offers these there great tips on why this new trend could be ideal for your next holiday:

1)   It’s simple to use. It’s easy to compare the different properties that you’re looking at, and you can even locate by map to be as near to the places you want to visit the most. Don’t hesitate to read out to the host or Roomorama’s customer service if you have any questions about the property.

2)   Value for money and comfort. When you’re travelling as a family or in a small group, getting an apartment or house where everyone can stay together, cook and dine and just relax together is so much more enjoyable and affordable. Also, your payment is protected right until the day you check in, so if anything goes wrong, Roomorama will be there to help.

3)   It offers a unique experience. You’ll have the comforts of home, but in a foreign country! It’ll be as close to living like a local as you can get, and be surrounded by the sights and sounds of a charming neighbourhood, instead of being stuck in a cookie-cutter hotel. Read the descriptions carefully, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting from your accommodation. And always ask questions if you’re not sure!

Roomorama is offering a “May Getaways” promotion with 20% discounts off the booking fee when you enter the promo codes.  Destinations include Paris, Montreal and San Francisco. These codes are available at their Facebook page.




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