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A Long Standing Love Affair

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This year marks the 90th anniversary of Bang & Olufsen, and the long-standing company has used the occasion to announce a new, yet old, twist to its range of audio and visual products.

Bang & Olufsen (B&O) has gone back to its 1920s Art Deco roots, coinciding with a golden renaissance that is all the rage in consumer electronics at the moment. But of course, being B&O, it’s all rather tastefully done. Purveyors of austerity may regard this as borderline hedonism, but one can’t argue that the Love Affair Collection, so named because rose gold is symbolic of love, is the epitome of timeless glamour.

The release is also a window to its corporate soul: a love affair of near-magical technology and craftsmanship that will capture your imagination and your heart, and not to mention the money in your wallet. While the price tag is indeed eye-opening, the products do deliver on B&O’s promise of marrying performance with aesthetics and their effusiveness isn’t some misguided smorgasbord of marketing rhetoric. Here are the chosen six in all their crowning glory.

BeoVision Avant 85 (with BeoRemote One)

The BeoVision Avant 85 is an 85-inch, Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV requisite with bells and whistles like direct type LEDs and local backlight dimming, as well as adaptive contrast and anti-reflection glass to optimise the visual experience in any lighting situation. From S$45,650

Avant 85

BeoVision 11-46 (with BeoRemote One)

B&O’s signature Smart TV boasts excellent audio and visuals in a stylishly slim package, which is a feat that few can match. The rose gold makeover serves to further accentuate its unique and timeless design. From S$14,900

beovision 11-46

BeoPlay A9

With striking looks and a big sound, the wireless A9 sports an iconic design that seems almost derisory of the concept of function over form. However it accomplishes both with aplomb. From S$3,698

Beoplay a9

BeoPlay H6

B&O brought its minimalist design to headphones two years ago with the young and fresh-looking H6. With a rose gold makeover, the H6 shows that it can pull off a classy look with ease. From S$698

Beoplay H6

BeoLab 18

The BeoLab 18 in rose gold is a testimony and a tribute to a timeless design, the BeoLab 8000. But it’s not a design that’s living in the past, with wireless capabilities and improved acoustics for the modern age. From S$5,100

Beolab 18

BeoRemote One

B&O’s universal remote also gets the full Love Affair treatment to match its well-dressed counterparts. From S$690

Beoremote one




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