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A Wake Up Call To Take Charge Of Retirement

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Manulife Singapore has launched a new retirement-themed campaign to bring home an important message to Singaporeans – take charge of your retirement now and act before it is too late.

The campaign is inspired by survey findings from Manulife’s Investor Sentiment Index (MISI) – a quarterly, proprietary survey measuring and tracking investors’ views across eight markets in the region on their attitudes towards key asset classes and various issues related to personal financial planning. The findings showed that there were common misconceptions and behavioural issues
about retirement planning. For instance, some tend to procrastinate retirement planning due to other priorities, thinking there is still time. Others knew there was a gap between their retirement  savings and expenses but did not take action, instead they choose to avoid reality and hope that things would eventually work out.

Using humorous and emotive advertisements, the campaign seeks to educate consumers about these
mindsets and motivate them to take charge of their retirement with the help of Manulife’s retirement solutions. The “Alarm Clock” advert features a young man who “sleeps” through the years of his life and ignores the wake – up calls from his alarm clock. When he finally wakes up, he has become an old man and it’s too late to plan for his retirement. The other advert, titled “Miracle”, shows a worried – looking young woman who prays for a miracle to grow the savings in her almost empty piggy bank. Unfortunately, she is still praying even after she grows old and nothing has changed.

Mr. Naveed Irshad, President and CEO of Manulife Singapore said, “Planning for one’s retirement may seem overwhelming but the key is to start now and take the first step, no matter how small it may seem. Through this campaign, we hope to use a lighthearted approach to motivate Singaporeans to take immediate actions to secure their retirement.”

The campaign will be rolled out across various platforms, from outdoor advertising on buses and taxis to print, online and mobile advertising. It will show consumers how to take charge of their retirement with Manulife’s Retirement Solutions using a three-pronged approach:

  • Build  Your  Wealth – make  your  money  work  harder  for  you  so  as  to  keep  pace  with
    inflation and build your retirement nest egg.
  • Protect Your Wealth – protect your retirement savings from rising medical costs as you
    grow older.
  • Enjoy  Your  Wealth – set  up  a  steady  stream  of  income  so  that  you  can  enjoy  your
    golden years without outliving your resources.

To leverage Manulife’s  expertise  in  retirement  planning, the company has focused on content marketing for  this  campaign, with the extensive use of print, digital, and video content to engage and educate consumers. Consumers can also easily compute their retirement number and find out
if there is a gap in their finances with Manulife’s online Retirement Calculator. The calculator is available in both English and Chinese on Manulife’s retirement microsite, along with other resources and self-help tools for retirement planning.




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