Benny Ong’s Latest Art Exhibition: Women.Shoes.Freedom

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London-Singapore designer and contemporary artist Benny Ong will be partnering with the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) for his latest art exhibition, Women.Shoes.Freedom.

Women.Shoes.Freedom is a collection of new hand-woven art that explores the traditional and modern role of women, using traditional weaving materials juxtaposed with modern imagery.

They showcase Benny’s ongoing passion for using Laotian weaving techniques to create bold, captivating contemporary art that invites viewers to build on narratives woven into each piece.

“This show is about exploring traditional views and the emancipation of the modern woman – and there was no shortage of inspiring narratives, from the recent US presidential elections to the Soong sisters,” said Benny Ong. “In particular, one group that really resonated with the theme of this collection were breast cancer survivors. I found many pieces in this collection echoed the struggles and stigma of the disease, so intrinsically tied into womanhood.”

Noor Quek, President of BCF adds: “His exploration of the modern woman parallels so many of the challenges that women diagnosed with breast cancer face. Through his expert craftsmanship, his works exemplify the power of art in driving greater conversations and awareness of important issues in our society.”

The BCF, a non-profit organisation working towards eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease, will receive the proceeds from “The Sisters Soong I” to support their work.

Commissioned in memory of the emancipation of Chinese women bound by shoes from youth, the piece represents their freedom from these shoes and pays homage to their strength and resilience, much like the breast cancer survivors of today.

The exhibition is hosted by the UOB Art Gallery, located in the lobby of UOB Plaza 1. It will be open to the public till 7 April, and public admission is free.



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