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Naked Ape. Naked Boss: Bernard Harrison

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Written by internationally renowned author, Dr Kirpal Singh, Naked Ape. Naked Boss: Bernard Harrison is an easy light-hearted read about a free spirited individual who lives his life to the fullest.

Bernard Harrison’s character can be summed up simply as one that is honest, optimistic and open. The book reveals how these character traits of his, even for someone at the age of 61, radiate throughout his life – be it as a parent, lover, boss or friend. This book allows us to take away several important lessons from the way Bernard actively chooses to live out his years based on the philosophy of pursuing one’s happiness coupled with a passion.

His openness to life as a whole makes him an audacious individual especially in romance. Despite the breaking down of his earlier relationships, he remains unafraid to show that romance and passion can still exist even as a divorcee with grown-up children and is bold enough to freely pursue a new relationship regardless of what society has to say about it. The book also revealed juicy details about his love life, including the poetry he used to win his current wife’s affections. Readers could definitely learn a thing or two from his secrets to better their own relationships.

As a parent, Bernard Harrison’s candidness in discussing certain issues such as sex with his children may seem objectionable to many, but it’s exactly this that sets him apart as unconventional, having forged a close friend-like relationship with his children. More importantly, he proves that he is able to raise his children up just fine even with his ‘controversial’ style of parenting, commanding a great deal of respect and love from them.

As a boss, the numerous testimonies in the book reveal how kind and respectable he is to his staff and co-workers. He is inspiring because he has demonstrated that one is never too young to have big dreams or let anything stop one from realising them. The book also shows how he was able to stage a comeback when he set up his own consultancy firm, Bernard Harrison and Friends (BHF), having departed from the industry in 2002 when he resigned from his position as CEO at Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Naked Ape. Naked Boss: Bernard Harrison is not just an ordinary biography about an inspirational man. The book sheds light on Bernard Harrison’s unique attitude and approach to life and how it has shaped his life in terms of success and setbacks. Even at 61, the pursuit of happiness still remains as the man’s key purpose of life, and how his drive in putting his goals into action is definitely the key factor in helping him achieve all of what he is today.

Indeed, this book is a great read for those who want to get inspired in leading an active and fulfilling late life, as Bernard Harrison is living proof that age is not an impediment in ageing actively.




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