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BreadTalk Offers Eight New Mooncake Flavours

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With a theme of ‘Home, Light Up my World’, BreadTalk hopes to bring everyone together to celebrate the joyous Mid-Autumn Festival over a delightful box of mooncakes.

In celebration of the Singapore Botanic Gardens being inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site this Golden Jubilee year, the home-grown brand pays homage to our national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim, by featuring the orchid on its mooncake boxes this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Offering eight new flavours this season, there’s a bit of everything for everyone. Durian lovers will love the rich Mao Shan Wang Durian snowskin mooncakes, which feature a smooth and fragrant snowskin dough enveloping a generous amount of luscious, creamy Mao Shan Wang flesh. Other new flavours include Green Tea Azuki, Chocolate Brownie, Yuzu Lotus, Jasmine Tea, Black Sesame, Cherry Brandy Truffle, and Lychee Martini Truffle, which all come in mini mooncake sizes.

Here are the different selections BreadTalk has to offer:


BT Royal

This uniquely crafted box is adorned with elegant Vanda Miss Joaquim motifs set against a royal orange backdrop to symbolise luxury and success. The open box lid lends an air of elegance and prestige to the occasion.

The generous Royal selection comes with 10 regular and mini traditional mooncakes including the new Green Tea Azuki, Mini Chocolate Brownie, Mini Yuzu Lotus, Mini Jasmine Tea, and Mini Black Sesame. Other flavours available in this selection includes the Lotus with Yolk Blend, Lotus with Melon Seeds, Wu Ren, Mini Lotus Macadamia and Mini Lotus with Cranberries.

The Royal box is going at SGD 118.80.


Bearing a practical drawer-like design, this compact box is decorated with delicate orchid blossoms and comes in either sweet pink or baby blue. The Joyous series will excite all snowskin mooncake lovers with its light and refreshingly chewy snowskin dough recipe.

BT Joyous A

Joyous A

Joyous A offers the new and much-anticipated Mao Shan Wang Durian snowskin mooncakes. Presented in a box of eight mini snowskin mooncakes, the rich creamy Mao Shan Wang flesh is nicely complemented with the smooth and chewy snowskin exterior. The Joyous A box is going at SGD 86.30.

BT Joyous B

Joyous B

Joyous B offers eight exquisite mini snowskin mooncakes, each enveloping a Valrhona truffle imported from France. The mooncakes come in an exciting medley of four flavours: Coffee Baileys Truffle, 12 years Macallan Whiskey Truffle, and the new Cherry Brandy Truffle and Lychee Martini Truffle. The Joyous B box is going at SGD 63.80.


BT Prestige

Each Prestige box features a distinctive Chinese character – Blossoms (花), Goodness (好), Moon (月), and Reunion (圆). Collect all four boxes to complete a family pack forming the auspicious Mid-Autumn Festival idiom “花好月圆” (to be in a state of joy and bliss). The four cheery colours are set to light up everyone’s home this festive season, making it the perfect gift for loved ones.

The Prestige series is a timeless collection of BreadTalk’s well-loved classic flavours – Lotus with Yolk Blend, Lotus with Melon Seeds, and Wu Ren mixed nut paste – the most traditional of all mooncakes. Crafted with premium preservative-free natural white lotus paste, the special yolk blend variety also promises a generous bite of egg yolk with every slice.

Presented in boxes of four, customers can mix and match any of their favourite flavours. An additional SGD 2.50 is charged per piece for the Wu Ren.

The various Prestige boxes available are as follows:

Prestige A – Wu Ren (SGD 66.80)

Prestige B – Lotus with Yolk Blend & Lotus with Melon Seeds (SGD 58.80)

Prestige C – Lotus with Yolk Blend (SGD 58.80)

Prestige D – Lotus with Melon Seeds (SGD 58.80)

BreadTalk’s 2015 mooncake selection is available at all outlets island-wide from now to 27 September 2015.

BT Leather Tote (1)

BT Leather Tote (2)

Also, for the first time ever, selected mooncake boxes will come in a chic leather tote embossed with orchid motifs – with the choice of blue or mustard yellow.


  • UOB Card members get to enjoy 25 percent off two boxes of Prestige with 3 percent SMART$ rebate from now till 20 September 2015, while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.




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