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Breadtalk’s Christmas Collection

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Indulge in Breadtalk’s new Christmas Collection for 2014.

Spice up your Christmas celebration this year with some of Breadtalk’s Christmas offerings available till 25 December 2014. Select from their delightful range of whole cakes and log cakes in flavours suitable for all palates – Chocolate Overload, ManGO Party!, Hazelnut Dream, Santa@Work and Santa’s Fruitland.

Chocolate lovers can get their fix this Christmas with the Chocolate Overload cake (S$53) and Hazelnut Dream log cake (S$52). Coated in a shimmering chocolate glaze, the Chocolate Overload cake is made of fluffy chocolate chiffon, smooth chocolate and crunchy caramel pearls. Presenting a classic pairing of hazelnut and chocolate is the Hazelnut Dream log cake which features rich hazelnut cream within a light chiffon cake and is contrasted with the crunchy coating of paillete feuilletine made of crisp sweet crepe biscuits.

The Santa@Work cake (S$50) which resembles a tree stump, is an inspired take on the Blackforest cake featuring chocolate chiffon and a combination of black cherries, chocolate and caramel cream.

Fruit cake enthusiasts can look forward to having the ManGO Party! Cake (S$50) and Santa’s Fruityland cake (S$48) in the collection. Be greeted by the fragrant and tropical flavours of fresh mango with Breadtalk’s ManGO Party! Cake which is accompanied by a vanilla chiffon Swiss roll enveloping sweet mango mousse. The cake is then topped off with fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and a jolly Santa Claus figurine. Last but not the least, there’s also Santa’s Fruityland, a cake that features layers of assorted fruits and Chantilly cream with cheese that’s nicely contrast against a delicate genoise sponge glazed with white chocolate ganache.

With so much to offer this Christmas, there’s definitely a cake for everyone this holiday season!




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