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Cancer patients may have easier access to clinical trials and treatments

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Singapore medical start-up Oncoshot has signed an MOU with the Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI), Novena Cancer Centre, Curie Oncology and Act Genomics to work in partnership on cancer clinical trials and treatments.

This collaboration looks to build Southeast Asia’s first ecosystem for cancer clinical trials and treatment options.

Through its proprietary platform, Oncoshot seeks to raise awareness of cancer trials, treatment options and on-going, Singapore-based clinical research among patients, oncologists and the public. The company will create performance metrics to track clinical trial efficiency.

Oncoshot and SCRI will also collaborate on Project Enhanced Clinical Trial Initiation, Screening and Enrolment (EISE). This is a national clinical trial ecosystem effort supported by the Oncoshot clinical trial platform.

According to Oncoshot, Project EISE aims to “…improve the conduct of cancer clinical trials by empowering public and private oncology care providers to find suitable cancer trial options in real-time.” 

Effective medical treatment is about having easy access to information that allows for informed, timely decision-making. The Oncoshot platform gives patients and oncologists efficient, one-portal access to all critical information relevant to each individual patient’s unique medical condition.

Oncoshot CEO and Co-Founder, Dr Huren Sivaraj



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