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Counter Diabetes by Walking

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Learn how walking helps you to prevent diabetes and aim for better blood sugar 

Besides boosting energy and helping people to shed weight at the same time, walking can also provide other health benefits. Diabetics can get a step closer to better health as walking can help lower their blood sugar levels.

Based on research, exercising for at least 30 minutes a day helps to reduce the risk of diabetes by 30%. Consider walking daily if you want to prevent or reduce the severity of diabetes.

Keep in mind that body fats should be kept at an acceptable level to avoid developing resistance to insulin. This will help to reduce your chances of getting diabetes. “Step-start” your walking routine by taking these tips into consideration.

Create a Walking Plan

Plan ahead before going for your walk. Though it may be an easy exercise, you are highly encouraged to put some effort into the routine, especially if you want to improve your health.

Draft a weekly schedule so that you can motivate yourself to work out daily. You can choose to walk early in the morning or at night as a form of relaxation.

You can also keep track of your time and the number of steps taken by using a pedometer while walking. Feel free to increase your pace once your body is able to step out of its comfort zone and take up new challenges. Don’t forget to wear comfortable walking shoes to prevent injuries.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Just like any other exercise, you should always do some stretching before you start. This helps to get your muscles ready for your workout and enhance your performance. At the same, don’t forget to do your cool down routine to avoid sore muscles the next day.

Walk Properly

Upon every stride, make sure the heel of your foot touches the ground first. Keep your head up to ensure consistent breathing while walking. Be sure to pump your arms using your shoulders instead of your elbows and pull your shoulders back to avoid slouching.

Challenge Yourself

You can always go for an uphill climb or walk through different terrains to challenge yourself. It’s always nice to walk out of your comfort zone once in a while.

Incorporate Aerobic Exercises

Feel free to insert aerobic movements while walking to tone your muscles better. To make the exercise more effective, you can do squats, jumping jacks and plunges together with additional hand weights.

Be Active

You can also train your body to be fitter by staying active by going for swims or cycling.

If you are working from home, you can set up a standing desk that keeps you from sitting down. Keep a glass of water in different rooms to give you reasons  to walk around the house.

When doing errands, you can park your car one or two blocks away from your destination. This will motivate you to walk a certain distance in a short period of time. Once you make it a habit, your body will gradually become healthier and stronger.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be in a hurry when it comes to walking. Always listen to your body and increase the pace according to its capability. Integrating exercises into your daily schedule will help you to cultivate a healthier lifestyle than never before.



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