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Why We Should Embrace Ageing

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Most people fear getting old. But instead of trying so hard to mitigate the effects of ageing, why not embrace it and live life to the fullest?

All our life, we have been drawn to the idea of a ‘Fountain of Youth’, and many seek to find it through various means. The world sadly, has been conditioned to fight against the irreversible and undeniable fact we call ageing.

The beauty industry sells us their ideas of ‘youthfulness’ with their creams, lotions and services, the fashion industry seduces many with promises of looking younger with their stylish wares, while major brands from other various industries position their products and services as something that can make one look or feel younger or even worse ignore the silver dollar entirely. And, in the case of the fairer gender, brands are very effective at preying on their fears and anxiety of growing old and looking old. And the fact of the matter is; nothing can stop ageing. Growing old is something no one can avoid. You can slow it down or mask it, but whatever you do, you cannot stop the effects of time. Here are some ways to find acceptance and embrace ageing, reconciling with the fact that we are growing old.

Confidence Boosted

Making the right choices in life will progressively become easier as you get older. Life experiences will help guide you and make sure you make the right decisions without having to feel any anxiety. It’s all about self acceptance.

Lesser Worries

By the time you hit your 50s, you will look back at life, amused by the fact that you’ve once worried your youth away with all these life changing choices. “Should I do my Masters?” “What will happen after I get married?” “How many kids should we have?” “The housing mortgage will kill us.” And by 50, most of these would have been done and dusted.

Looks? What looks?

One will undoubtedly be obsessed with his or her looks, and whether you are handsome or beautiful, and through the years, you will come to realise that it is what is inside that counts. A good heart, being happy and intellect outsells nice packaging.

Live In The Moment

As you grow older, you will start to appreciate the importance of ‘Me’ time for relaxation. You’ll start to pay more attention to things around you and soak in the beauty of your surroundings. Being aware that your are ageing need not be depressing and that’s when YOLO (You Only Live Once) strikes you hard. In fact you might find yourself becoming bolder and start taking risks because you realise it’s right here right now or never.

Stronger Relationships

Relationship mind games are played by kids, and that will eventually be replaced with a blissful and loving matrimony. Growing older helps one become more settled, and usually trust and respect comes along with it, unless you are an irascible old man or woman that people tend to avoid.




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