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Eu Yan Sang’s ‘Peng Cai’ set for reunion dinners

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For families looking to “D-I-Y” the reunion dinners, Eu Yan Sang’s ‘Peng Cai’ set helps save time

To celebrate the lunar new year, Eu Yan Sang is offering a wholesome selection of festive gifts that signify prosperity and good health for the whole family.

For the reunion dinner, Eu Yan Sang’s Royal Supreme Abalone Treasure Pot (SGD 128) is a ‘Peng Cai’ set that comes with whole abalones, dried mushrooms, abalone mushroom slices, coprinus mushrooms, top shells, white fungus and dried scallops in supreme broth. The set does not have any preservatives or artifical colouring added to the mix. Eu Yan Sang has made it more convenient for customers by placing the set into a omplimentary Fortune Pot. Customers only need to heat the contents, and even add in extra ingredients such as chicken or seafood, for a nutritious meal.

Eu Yan Sang’s range of products can be found at 46 retail stores islandwide as well as available online at their website.  There will also be Weekly Specials available both online and at the retail stores until 27 January, 2017.



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