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Feature: North West Brisk Walking Club

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The largest brisk walking club in Singapore, the North West Brisk Walking Club has grown from strength to strength, since its inception 14 years ago.

Officially launched in 2002, the North West Brisk Walking Club has seen a healthy membership growth; from a humble number of 8,000 members spread across 66 clubs during its inception, the Walking Club now boasts of a strength of 69,000 members in 139 clubs.

About Them

The North West Brisk Walking Club can be found in all 19 divisions in the North West District, with  each division in the district represented by a Brisk Walking Club Champion, who is in turn assisted by Brisk Walking Club Coordinators of the respective clubs. The coordinators organise walks, recruit members and are in charge of club activities.

What They Do

Members from the North West Brisk Walking Club participate in weekly walks around their estates, and occasionally venture further by enrolling themselves in brisk walking trips at various picturesque locations here in Singapore. Novelty brisk walk events have also been organised for the club’s members, some of which include the North West 100km Brisk Walk Challenge, Care for Cats Walk, Bukit Brown Night Walk and Brisk Walk Expedition. In addition to the health benefits one can get from brisk walking, the club is also a great platform for community building, as members gather to bond and make new friends.

Residents who are interested in joining the North West Brisk Walking Club may proceed to their nearest RC. Alternatively, you may contact Eileen Low at




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