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Free Pap Smear Screenings Available Till July

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(Image credit: Singapore Cancer Society website)
As part of an awareness drive by the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), all eligible women aged between 25 and 69 may get screened for free at 170 participating clinics.

Women between 25 and 69 years old who have been sexually active at some point and have not had a Pap smear in the last three years, may qualify for a free Pap smear test at 170 participating general practitioners until 31 July.

These free screenings are part of SCS’ third annual Women’s Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Campaign aimed at raising greater awareness of the three gynaecological cancers – Uterine, ovarian and cervical cancer.

According to statistics from the National Registry of Diseases Office, uterine cancer was the fourth most common cancer diagnosed among Singapore women from 2010 to 2014, while cervical cancer was the 10th most common.

It is therefore important for women to guard themselves against these diseases through prevention. Some ways to reduce the risk of cervical cancer include exercising regularly, eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding tobacco, limiting alcohol intake, and of course, going for a Pap smear screening.

SCS has also been providing free Pap smear screenings at its own clinic available all year-round. Appointments can be made at the SCS Multi-Service Centre located at the Junction 8 Office Tower.

For more information, visit SCS’ website.



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