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FujiFilm’s new Instax Mini 70: Now with Selfie

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There’s always something satisfying about photographic prints; something nostalgic about the feel of a photo in hand. 

The new Instax Mini 70 is something that’s rooted in the past, but addresses the needs of those living in the present. The updated design is sleek, and the camera showcases many new features that appeal to users of all ages.

Exposure ControlThe camera has automatic exposure control built-in, which automatically adjusts the shutter speed and flash power and is great for dark settings where you can now capture the background. A new viewfinder improves the ease of viewing subjects, while a new tripod mount expands the creative possibilities of the camera, making it easier to take close-up shots and landscape photos.

Hi-keyIn addition, FujiFilm has added some new modes for that are in line with how people use their cameras today. A hi-key mode lets users take portraits with a brighter skin tone, while the smart selfie mode has adjusts settings like focal length and brightness for the best possible self-portraits. While you don’t expect to see an electronic viewfinder display on a no-frills camera like this, it does include a front facing mirror, which does the job nicely.

The Instax Mini 70 is now available for S$199 in three colours: Canary Yellow, Moon White, and Island Blue.

Instax mini 70



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