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Give A Life-Like 3D Figurine As A Memento This Christmas

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Fretting about what to give this Christmas? How a bout a 3D figurine of your loved ones?

Immortalise extraordinary events such as your child’s wedding engagement, turning 50 or even the birth of a grandchild with LiveSketch Figurines’ 3D figurines, as they literally let you freeze special moments in time in the form of three-dimensional (3D) portraits!

Created using state-of-the-art 3D colour scanning and printing technology, LiveSketch Figurines capture every inch of you and your special moments, allowing you to relive each occasion vividly from all angles. A photogrammetry 3D scanner is used to take a life-like digital full-colour 3D photographs of you, following the simple principles of isometric drawings. These 3D images are then digitally refined to achieve the most realistic presentation of your actual body before using them to create the figurines. Due to fine finishing and cutting-edge scanning capabilities, a very high resemblance level (90%) between the finished figurine and the actual person can be achieved.

The 3D high-tech scanner is very safe even for babies and pregnant women, with the scanner only capturing surface detail sans the emission of harmful rays, thus it will not harm the subject’s body in anyway during the scanning process. Made out of a high performance composite powder and at least 10 times smaller in size than the actual body, the LiveSketch Figurines are perfect as gifts or statement pieces for display.

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