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Hansaplast launches two new types of plasters, available at retail

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Hansaplast has launched two types of plasters in addition to their band-aid variant – Hansaplast Fast Healing Plaster  and the Hansaplast Spray Plaster. 


Hansaplast Fast Healing Plaster (SGD 9.90 for 8 strips and available at Guardian, Watsons, NTUC and Cold Storage)

The plaster has a Polyurethane Technology that creates a moist wound healing environment for optimal healing conditions and to enhance the process of wound closure.

  • Promotes up to 50% faster wound healing compared to dry wound healing
  • Covers and protects the wound against external influences in tandem with the waterproof and breathable material of the plaster

Usage instructions:

  • Before applying the Hansaplast Fast Healing Plaster, lightly cleanse the fresh wound with water
  • Gently pat-dry the wound and the surrounding skin
  • Apply the bandage without overstretching


Hansaplast Spray Plaster (SGD 12.50 for 32.5ml and available at Guardian, Watsons, NTUC and Unity)

The new Spray Plaster provides invisible wound protection and convenience, and fights off bacteria instantly with three times more protection. With the spray format, it can treat even those hard-to-reach places which may be difficult to apply band-aids, such as the elbows.

Usage instructions:

  • Gently clean and dry the affected wound area before application
  • Hold the spray 5-10cm from wound, apply a light coating and let dry for about a minute
  • The sprayed-on film gradually disappears over time





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