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Hays Singapore: Temporary Work Now A More Attractive Option

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A recent survey conducted by Hays Singapore has indicated that a significant percentage of Singaporeans are now more receptive to the idea of temporary/contract employment.

Based on responses gathered from the 878 respondents who participated in the survey, 40 per cent said temporary/contract work is more attractive than in the past. A further 37 per cent of respondents claimed no change in attitude to temporary/contract work, while the remaining 23 per cent view it as less attractive.

These findings may suggest a possible sway towards a more specific call-on-demand employment mindset rather than just filling up regular permanent employment positions. During separate findings in the 2016 Hays Asia Salary Guide released earlier this year, 60 per cent of employers preferred the flexibility of this call-on-demand staffing approach and 19 per cent sees intention in increasing the number of temporary staff further.

For job seekers, this may not be a negative call after all, especially if you are middle aged and have just been retrenched; in fact some of these temporary/contract positions are not entry-level employment and support jobs at all, as professionals are being head hunted for project-based developments in their respective industries. As such, accepting jobs like these might be helpful in the interim, as it still provides a form of income while continuing on the job hunt.

Also, as a job seeker, you’ll be exposed to new industries and learn new skills, which can bode well for your career as you improve your versatility as a whole and such stints could even land you more opportunities with potential employers through vast networks secured. Besides, the flexibility of taking up temporary/contract projects allows you to manage your time favorably to your own advantage.

As for employers, those who value this call-on-demand based approach are likely to enjoy more flexibility with their hiring budgets and business owners can be more specific with recruiting the right talents only when they require the expertise of these professionals. With access to a readily available talent pool, it helps greatly in planning for the right resources during such trying times. Last but not the least, in terms of skill sets, the lack of a permanent engagement may also spell a surge in work competitiveness and perhaps spur on job seekers to be more steadfast with their upgrading efforts to stay relevant in the challenging industries.




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