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Health Hacks for Fitness and Weight Loss

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Work smart and live smart with these hacks

Eating healthy and working out regularly requires dedication, motivation and discipline.

If you’re always facing time constraints and a tight budget, here are some health and fitness hacks to help you cultivate a balanced lifestyle.

Portion control

This is effective for those who finds it hard to control their snack cravings, especially unhealthy ones such as indulging too often with potato chips. To refrain consuming the entire pack of chips, split the content further into smaller portions.

If possible, replace unhealthy snacks with healthier alternatives such as fruits or vegetables. Indulge in chips or chocolates only when you have exhausted your other healthy snack options. Be sure to eat in moderation to avoid binge eating.

Go to the gym during off-peak

Avoid hitting the gym during the peak period. If you have a tight schedule to keep, going at such timings might cause you to spend more time just waiting for your turn to use the machines.  This can become inconvenient when you have to rearrange your schedule due to the unexpectedly long gym session.

By exercising during off-peak hours (e.g. after lunch), you tend to be more efficient in your workout and have more time for other activities.

Turn off electronics an hour before bedtime

If you are suffering from a poor sleep quality, you might want to stop looking at the television screen or other electronic devices before going to bed. Looking at artificial light tends to confuse the brain about the timing of the day, and make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night.

Try reading a book to calm your mind or listen to soothing music with your eyes closed. Aim to maintain your body’s internal clock in order to combat your sleeping challenge.

Watch and workout

To achieve the best of both worlds, try watching your TV series while working out. You can try planning your own circuit training routine that gets you exercising on the spot such as lunges, jumping jacks or high knees.

You can also shift your treadmill to the front of the TV and walk while watching your shows. Challenge yourself by using equipment such as free weights or better yet, your own body weight.

Refrain from buying sugary drinks

Go for healthier alternatives to quench your thirst such as fruit-infused water! Fill up your tumbler with plain water and place several slices of fruits in it.

You can even add in herbs, vegetables or even edible flowers for enhanced flavours. Let the water infuse for 2 to 12 hours and enjoy the drink!

Eat before you go out

This helps you to avoid overeating, which could result in exceeding your calorie intake. If you’re on a tight budget, this is an effective method of saving money especially when you’re hungry.

Filling your stomach partially every now and then can prevent overeating. Low-fat yoghurt or a cup of milk are healthy alternatives if you do not want to eat too much before your meals.

Songs to listen to when working out

Tempo and rhythm response of the music affects your motivation levels while working out. Prepare a playlist full of fast, loud and bass-driven music before going for your exercise.

Listening to songs with upbeat lyrics can also boost your adrenaline levels, pushing you to work harder.

Get a workout buddy

There are several benefits in working out with a friend. They are your personal source of motivation and guide. Workout buddies are efficient in encouraging you to finish your routines and can support you in exercises like weight lifting.

Walk and stand more

Sitting for a prolonged duration increases your risks of being obese and suffering from chronic pain. Try to take the longer route back to your desk or invest in a standing desk if possible. This helps to lessen your stress levels and improve blood pressure.



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