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Hotel Jen Tanglin’s New Lavender Spa Packages

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Find your very own paradise within with Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore’s two unique holistic spa packages.

Ever dream of spending an entire day in complete relaxation? The good news is, you no longer need to travel out of the country just to do that. With Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore’s newly introduced holistic spa packages – the Lavender Spa Staycation package and the Spa Marathon, you can now break away from the stresses of daily life and embrace personal wellness right in the heart of the city.

Lavender Spa Staycation Package

HJTS Stay ClubRoom

Those seeking both a rejuvenating spa experience accompanied by a weekend staycation at the hotel may opt for the Lavender Spa Staycation package. Centred on the therapeutic and beneficial properties of lavender, this package includes a weekend staycation in the hotel’s Club Room, two 30-minute lavender facial treatments and two SGD 50 discount vouchers for Essence Vale Spa treatments.

Lavender Products by Le Château du Bois

The Club Rooms are infused with lavender imported from Provence, France, and come complete with lavender soaps, creams, eye serum and other products from Le Château du Bois.

On top of that, this package offers free daily buffet for two, 24-hour access to the Club Lounge, which includes free-flow beverages, refreshments and food, free WiFi anytime and anywhere, as well as free shuttle service to Orchard MRT.

The Lavender Spa Staycation Package is priced at a special discounted rate of SGD 300++ per room, and is available from now to 31 July 2016 (Fridays to Sundays). The Lavender Facial Treatments and SGD 50 off Essence Vale Spa massage treatments are valid for one month within stay,

Lavender Spa Marathon

Those who are serious about their mental and physical wellbeing may opt for the six-hour-long Lavender Spa Marathon wellness package. Kicking off at 10am in the morning with a spa pedicure and manicure, the treatment will conclude at 4pm with fresh fruit and drinks. Expect to be treated to a steam and sauna, scrub and lotion, spa cuisine as well as a massage and facial with this holistic treatment.

The Lavender Spa Marathon is going at SGD 450 per person, inclusive of a SGD 100 spa voucher for any purchase of Lavender Spa products by Le Château du Bois.

Both packages aim to promote healthy and mindful living, while lavender is known for its anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties, to help you better relax.

Lavender Facial Treatment: Review

We got to try out the 30-minute Lavender Facial Treatment, which includes a cleanse, mask and head massage. The products used are all from French cosmetic brand, Le Château du Bois. The company prides itself in the creation of natural products made with organically-farmed, fine lavender.

Before the Facial Treatment session starts, you will be led into a dimly-lit room with soothing, ambient music playing in the background. A changing room is available for you to change out into a comfortable robe and store your belongings.

Lavender Facial Treatment - Products

The therapist will begin the treatment session with the following Le Château du Bois products:

  • Fine Lavender Room Spray
  • Cleansing Milk
  • Refreshing and Toning Lotion
  • Fine Lavender Floral Water
  • Fine Lavender Rest & Relax Massage Oil
  • Face Moisturising Day Cream
  • Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum

The therapist will first spritz some of the lavender-scented room spray to prep you for the treatment, and gently cleanse off any makeup or grime you may have on your face with the Cleansing Milk.

This is followed by a gentle swipe of the Refreshing and Toning Lotion to remove off any remaining product from your face. The toning lotion isn’t too drying and leaves your face fresh and clean.

Next, the Fine Lavender Floral Water is lightly applied onto the face to soothe, purify and also acts as an astringent. It contains active ingredients that help to calm irritation as well as remove excess oil from the skin.

The therapist will apply a thin layer of Fine Lavender Rest & Relax Massage Oil onto your skin and massage it in lightly. The massage oil was surprisingly not too heavy or greasy, and absorbed rather quickly.

While letting the goodness of lavender seep into your skin, the therapist will give you a nice scalp massage with a tiny bit of Lavender massage oil – which truly hits the spot and leaves you thoroughly relaxed.

She will then apply a refreshing mask on your face and let it sit there for about 5 to 10 minutes, before applying the Day Cream and Eye Serum. The Face Moisturising Day Cream is pretty lightweight and suitable for sensitive skin, and also helps to soothe tautness caused by dry skin. The Anti-fatigue Eye Serum supposedly helps to reduce puffiness and fine lines around the eye area while softening it with ingredients such as aloe, musk rose, green tea and oats.

The facial treatment concludes with the application of an organic sunscreen by Coola (Classic Sunscreen SPF 30 Unscented Moisturiser), and you’re all ready to leave a more relaxed and rejuvenated person. Upon leaving the treatment room, you will also be greeted with a warm cup of Lavender tea – for that extra relaxing boost.

Overall, the Lavender Facial Treatment is short and sweet and truly helps you relax with its lavender-infused products. What is great about it is that all products used during the treatment are organic and therefore suitable for sensitive skin, so there’s no need to worry about any possible skin irritation.

Learning to love yourself can start from simply taking a break from the hustle of city life and embracing personal wellness. Hotel Jen Tanglin’s new Lavender spa packages are one of those little things you can start with to treat you and a loved one to a full day or weekend spent in pure relaxation.

For more information on the packages, visit For more information on the products used, visit Le Château du Bois’ website.



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