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House of Hazelwood Whisky Meets National Kitchen

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The House of Hazelwood whisky is made up of three expressions, all inspired by the 1920s, with each bottle of this blended scotch having its own story to tell. With the bottles styled with the look from the Art Deco period, a representation of luxury, glamour and sophistication, William Grant & Sons have brought this range of blended whiskies up a notch in both appearance and taste. Taking inspiration from the family luminary, Janet Sheed Robert and her rich and vibrant life during the Art Deco movement, Master Blender Brian Kinsman set out to create this range of whiskies as a tribute to the family doyenne.


The 25 year old expression, is especially a great source of pride for Master Blender Brian Kinsman. “The journey of creativity which led me to this unique whisky was one of distinction, challenge and utter delight. It has allowed me to create an exquisitely rare blended whisky, rich in Scotch tradition, combined with all of the inventive artistry which Shanghai in the 1920s inspires.”

Which brings us to the night’s pairing at National Kitchen by Violet Oon, the perfect setting, almost a throwback to the class of the colonial days of old, with its beautiful motifs and low-hanging chandeliers.  

Taking its cue from the gentility of Paris, the 18 year old expression is a gentle dram, having the most of Kininvie and Girvan spirits in its blend. These are then married in Portuguese oak which gives this blend its complexity with a vibrant vanilla sweetness that fills the nose. Creamy toffee and a long elegant finish makes this a very approachable dram.

Pairing beautifully with this was the Bakwan Kepiting, a meatball made up from chicken, crabmeat and bamboo shoot in a clear yet hearty chicken stock. The whisky’s sweeter notes becoming more apparent and whetting the appetite with each sip of that delicate broth.


The 21 year old expression however is inspired by the sultry beauty of Mumbai with its bolder, spicier and more robust flavours which is balanced by aging the blend in sherry casks. Dried fruits and spices dominate the nose as cinnamon, cloves and woody spice fill the palate.

This was followed by a trio of appetizers, with classics like Kueh Pie Tee, Ngoh Hiang and Satay to be paired with either the 18 or the 21 year old. Here is where the table was fairly divided in opinions of the pairing, with some preferring the 18YO as the lighter liquid’s flowery notes carried on to whet the appetites and the others, the 21YO blend’s brown sugar notes as that played nicely with the spicy peanut sauce of the satay.


Inspired by the classic elegance of Shanghai, the 25 year old expression is made with several rare single malts and blended together in American oak. With notes of caramelized brown sugar, vanilla, maple and soft spice on the nose, and vibrant spice combined with vanilla sweetness on the palate. It also has a long, dry finish.

With Brand Specialist Brian Atwood regaling us with the tales of “Wee Janie”, as she was affectionately known to family, who had travelled extensively, constantly seeking knowledge and adventure, and always with a whisky in her hand. Although she never had a hand in running the company her grandfather built, she played an important role in the close and unwavering support of those close family members who did, inspiring the generations of whisky-makers that followed after her.


The room quickly hushed on the arrival of the entrées, with some opting for the Daging Chabek Beef Cheek, a fork-tender piece accompanied with a spicy tamarind sauce; and the others the Cod with Laksa sauce, perfectly cooked fish in a rich coconut gravy. Here the 25YO expression shone through with its exotic flavours and a subtle sweetness rounding off what is an exceptional dram.


I guess you could never say no to desserts in such an establishment and here they spoiled us silly, with the trio of Kueh Dah Dah, Kueh Beng Kah and Roti Jala with a Gula Melaka and Banana Sauce. We were given the liberty of experimenting here and I found my sweet spot with the 21YO being my favourite to pair with the desserts, the dried fruits and sweetness of the sherry casks a very comforting end to the night.


House of Hazelwood  launched as a Global Travel Retail exclusive in February 2016 and available for purchase at DFS. DFS retail outets are located at al arrival and departure terminals of the Singapore Changi Airport. The 18YO retails at S$101.20, S$151.80 for the 21YO and the S$261.90 for the 250YO.




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