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How to Relieve Cough the Natural Way

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Forget about drops and syrups, try these natural remedies to get rid of a bad cough

Having a persistent cough isn’t always the best condition to be in. Imagine being in a quiet room during a meeting and trying to suppress your cough to avoid disrupting the session.

Believe it or not, coughing is pretty normal. It actually helps clear phlegm and other irritants from your throat. However, you should do something about it if you think you’ve been coughing for too long.

There are multiple factors out there that can irritate your throat or nasal passages. More often, a cough is caused by an irritant that comes in an allergen form like pollen or pet dander. At the same time, coughing can also be caused by a viral or bacterial infection that comes with an upset stomach, runny nose, fever or nasal congestion.

Before you resign yourself to cough drops or syrup, consider trying these natural remedies to get rid of cough completely:

Honey Lemon Tea

Honey is an effective remedy for sore throats as it can relieve cough more effectively compared to cough suppressants.

Make your own cup of honey lemon tea by mixing up two teaspoons of honey with warm water and a slice of lemon. Lemon helps relieve congestion as the drink will eventually soothe your cough eventually.

Salt Water Gargle

Salt water is also an effective remedy to ease the discomfort caused by a cough. At the same time, it can help push the phlegm out of your system, allowing you to expel it easily.

Simply stir a teaspoon of salt into warm water until it dissolves. Gargle for 10-15 seconds, spit and repeat the process. Remember to rinse with plain water right after.


This is a very effective way to loosen mucous and phlegm as you inhale the steam with essential oils to help soothe and open your airways.

You can set up a tent made of thick blankets and towel and place hot water in a large bowl. Add a few drops of your tea tree or eucalyptus oil and let it cool for a minute. Once you think you’re ready, get inside your makeshift tent and lean over the bowl as you get close to it as much as you can. Be careful not to burn yourself while doing so. Do this for 5-10 minutes for about thrice a day.

Now that you are aware of some natural remedies for coughs, make sure to clean your common areas at home or office. Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently while you’re at it!



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