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Hydrotherapy services at Allium Care Suites

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Allium Care Suites is a Singapore nursing home that offers hydrotherapy services 

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have found that individuals with greater optimism are more likely to live longer and to achieve “exceptional longevity,” that is, living to age 85 or older.

An International Council on Active Aging report shared that older adults who exercise regularly were 32 percent more likely to have high optimism than those who didn’t exercise, and were 42 percent less likely to report a depression diagnosis.

Enter hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is a safe, easy way to manage chronic illness with less pain, and muscles soreness. Exercise programmes can be designed with or without equipment, depending on the needs and goals of the client.

Hydrotherapy is an ideal exercise tool because older adults want to feel safe and confident in a pool while minimising pain and joint stress. These factors contribute to why they are more willing to continue their exercise routines in a pool.

Subject to an assessment by a trained professional, hydrotherapy can be used to treat the following conditions

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Lower back injuries
  • Chronic pain

At Allium Care Suites, the current price of the service per hour is SGD 260 before GST. The frequency is decided by the customer and their physical therapist based on goals.

We discussed about the introduction of hydrotherapy services to treatment and what a session is like with Marcus Tow, Senior Physiotherapist of Allium Healthcare Suites.

the Active Age (AA): How did Allium Care Suites become interested in introducing hydrotherapy services to their customers? 

Marcus Tow (MT): The vision for Allium Care Suites is to deliver a purpose-built, premium nursing home, uniting the finest of hospitality and healthcare, with a focus on high-quality aged care services in Singapore. The introduction of hydrotherapy allows us to provide a wider spectrum of integrated care services with everything on hand for our elders to live a functional and fulfilling lifestyle.  

AA: What is the background behind using hydrotherapy for treatment? 

MT: The curative usage of water dates back more than 4,000 years as far as ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times. In those times, hydrotherapy was simply used as a tool of relaxation. 

With growing evidence since the 19th century, hydrotherapy is now defined as a programme using mechanical and thermal characteristics of water during partial or complete immersion, in combination with the effects of movement.

Hydrotherapy can be used individually or as an adjunct to other treatments to achieve a client’s goals. 

AA: How long has Allium Care Suites been offering hydrotherapy services? 

MT: Hydrotherapy has been a part of our comprehensive rehabilitation services since October 2019. 

AA: What type of conditions are hydrotherapy services used to treat? 

MT: Hydrotherapy reduces pain by encouraging normal movement, increasing muscle length, muscle strength and control. Hydrotherapy can treat a wide range of conditions, from neurological disorders including stroke and Parkinson’s disease, rheumatological conditions such as osteoarthritis, and musculoskeletal conditions such as lower back pain. 

AA: Has Allium Care Suites seen improvement with their customers post-treatment? 

MT: One of our clients enjoys watching himself achieve movements in the water that he was unable to attain on land. Small accumulative achievements in the pool translated to improved functional capability on land over time. Another client found pain relief in our heated pool and looks forward to exercising in this pain-free environment. The warmth of the water allows the muscles to relax, reducing joint pain and increasing range of movements. 

AA:  Can you share about what happens during a typical session with hydrotherapy?  

MT: At the start of each hydrotherapy session, our clients have their vital signs measured to ensure they are well for the treatment. The client will be accompanied to a private changing room located next to the pool, and rinse off before entering the pool. Each session is led by two members of our allied healthcare team; a licensed and trained physiotherapist and a therapy assistant, who will be in the pool with our client.  


The type of exercises is dependent upon the condition and goals of each individual. Exercises are tailored to individual needs to allow a gradual build-up of strength. 

At the end of the session, the client is provided with a towel to dry off before proceeding to shower.  

AA: Are there any types of customers that this treatment would not be recommended for? 

An assessment with goal setting is carried out prior to commencement of hydrotherapy treatment. This is to facilitate a better understanding of clients, their medical history and any precautions or contradictions. 

Hydrotherapy is typically not recommended for clients who are incontinent, requiring diapers, and clients with tubes, lines and other attachments such as stoma bags, indwelling catheters or IV cannulas. 

AA: How does a customer ask about or request for this treatment? 

MT: They can contact our allied health professionals at +65 6335 0606 or email us at

Testimonial provided by Allium Healthcare Suites

I suffered a major stroke in the middle of 2020 last year. This left me with difficulties with speech, slurring on one side of my face and loss of mobility on my right limbs. Physiotherapist Marcus and his team provided invaluable support during my journey of recovery. The Allium team guided me towards early rehabilitation comprising consistent and disciplined exercise and diet with regular medication. In particular, I saw the emphasis on the need for a tailored programme with appropriate exercises and frequency and how it has benefitted me first hand. My recovery was significant and visible to my family members. The warm and friendly staff together with the comfortable and conducive environment at Allium Healthcare made my recovery journey a much easier one. Although I still have not reached the level of recovery that I desire, I am still taking the advice and recommendations of the Allium team and carrying out my physiotherapy, regular medication and watching my diet by my own accord. I am truly grateful to the Allium team for helping me during one of my most challenging times. All the best to the team, and continue your great and meaningful work!

Quote provided by Mr. Teo Phiak Hong, age 63 years old

Image credit: Allium Care Suites