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In Conversation With Eu Yan Sang TCM On Wellness For Women

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Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic’s Physician Anita Pee, and Eu Yan Sang certified TCM Herbalist, Francis Liaw give us a TCM perspective on how women can age healthily and gracefully.

As we age, many women may experience menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, irritability, night sweats and lethargy. Some on the other hand, adapt remarkably well and might barely even notice these changes.

Integrative health and wellness brand, Eu Yan Sang seeks to help women age more naturally and to better help them cope with these age-related symptoms. Equipped with over 130 years of expertise and knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we speak with Physician Anita Pee (AP) of Eu Yan sang TCM Wellness Clinic (Plaza Singapura), and Francis Liaw (FL), Eu Yan Sang Certified TCM herbalist at (Suntec City retail outlet) on the topic of ageing well.

AA: Hi Anita, can you tell us what are some of the common health or wellness-related issues women face as they age?

AP: Some of the more common issues seen in older women include menstrual irregularities, menopause and its related symptoms, pigmentation, hair loss, dry and dull skin, joint pain and body aches, and urinary incontinence.

AA: Given that some common symptoms of menopause include feelings of lethargy, hot flushes and sleepless nights, could you tell us how TCM products can help relieve and treat these symptoms?

AP: From a TCM point of view, the various symptoms of ageing and menopause are due to the decline in ‘Qi’ and essence (Jing) in the body. As women age, their major organ systems will start to deteriorate. The Kidney’s Jing, which is the substance responsible for growth and life processes within the body, as well as the Liver’s blood-storing function, start to become inadequate.

The Spleen which produces Qi would weaken, and this is likewise for the blood. These deficiencies can cause lethargy, hot flushes, insomnia and other menopausal symptoms. TCM aims to boost Qi and replenish the Jing in the body so as to achieve a “Yin-Yang” balance and strengthen the body.

Common herbs used to increase Jing include Glossy Privet Fruits (Nuzhenzi, 女贞子) and Chinese Wolfberries (Gouqizi, 枸杞子). Qi tonics include Codonopsis Root (Dangshen, 党参) and White Atractylodes (Baizhu, 白术).

In TCM, there is rarely a one-size-fit-all solution. Even for people with the same condition, their prescriptions are likely to be different due to different root causes and body constitutions. Using TCM methods of diagnosis, which includes inspection, listening and smelling, inquiry and palpation, we are then able to obtain a comprehensive profile of our patients and customise the treatment plan accordingly. This also helps to maximise the efficacy of treatment for each individual. It is therefore advisable for one to consult a licensed TCM physician for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Francis Liaw, Eu Yan Sang Certified TCM herbalist at the Suntec City retail outlet

AA: Hi Francis, what about women who want to combat pigmentation or age spots? What are some products you would recommend from Eu Yan Sang that could help them achieve this?

FL: We would recommend the following Eu Yan Sang products:

  • Spot Whitening Capsules (SGD 48)
  • Pearl Powder (SGD 17.90)
  • Bird’s Nest series (from SGD 49.90)

AA: What are some of the main ingredients in the various products you have mentioned and how do they benefit the body?


Spot Whitening Capsules

Spot Whitening Capsules are excellent for the prevention and treatment of dark skin patches that many maturing women suffer from. It helps to regulate the function of the internal organs to restore the skin’s natural brightness and radiance, as well as prevent melisma (dark skin patches). The main ingredients are Dang Gui (purifies the blood and regulates menstrual flow), Bai Shao (calms liver’s Yang and alleviates pain from cramps and spasms), and Shu Di Huang (detoxifies the blood and nourishes the liver and kidney).

Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder is high in mineral content and is essential for healthy skin as it helps to slow down the skin’s ageing process. It is excellent for calming the nerves, reducing heatiness in the body, removing toxic substances from the blood, and helps to lighten pigmentation.

Bird Nest Series

Bird’s Nest is not only good for individuals who are recovering from an illness, but also for those who want to improve or maintain their skin complexion. Studies have shown that Bird’s Nest is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF), a substance responsible for skin and tissue repair. There are many varieties of bottled Bird’s Nest available which contains other ingredients such as American ginseng, pearl powder and collagen. Eu Yan Sang’s Bird’s Nest series is made from genuine superior quality cave swallow’s nest, with no artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives. It is best consumed at least three hours after dinner.

AA: Could you address any precautions regarding the consumption of Traditional Chinese Medicine and if it is safe for everyone to consume?

FL: In general, there are no known side effects. However, a person’s experience with TCM may differ as everyone has a unique body constitution or body type, which changes over time. It is advised to consume or apply dosage based on the directions stated on the product’s packaging. If a person would like to find out more, it is best to speak with a TCM physician or herbalist especially if they have any pre-existing illnesses or conditions.

Besides the products mentioned above, Eu Yan Sang also offers Menoease Pills (SGD 49.90), which offers a natural approach to help women combat menopausal symptoms. The product is formulated to revitalise the woman’s internal body system by helping to promote blood circulation, and improve the kidney, liver, and digestive system.

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