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In Conversation With Local Celebrity, Constance Song On Wellness

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What is the secret to Constance Song’s beauty and youthful looks? We find out more as the Tanglin star talks about her diet, workouts, and what keeps her looking youthful.

On screen, local actress and restaurateur, Constance Song (CS), is glamourous and poised, with a svelte figure that many women today would kill for. Upon meeting her face to face at her chic restaurant, BAM! Tapas Sake Bar, the 41-year-old celebrity may be casually dressed, but her youthful glow was what stole the true limelight.

The Active Age had a casual chat with Constance and got her to share more about her passion for food, how she stays healthy and fit despite her busy schedule, and tips on leading a balanced and happy life.

A foodie-turned-restaurateur

Better known for her acting career and involvement in Singapore’s first long-form television drama, Tanglin, many may not know Constance for her other role as a restaurateur. A passionate foodie-at-heart, Constance shares that her love for food motivated her to enter the F&B industry:

CS: “I am extremely into food such that if I do not get what I crave for, I actually get a little bit moody. I am also someone who will venture out to look for good food, and am willing to spend even a few hundreds on a meal. You know how they say that to enjoy food you need good company? I would actually go to the extent of eating alone, just as long as I get what I want! Food to me isn’t just about filling the stomach, it’s actually a part of my lifestyle and a form of therapy. It is partly also what got me started on Bam! Tapas Sake Bar.”

She adds that the restaurant came about after she got to know Spanish chef, Chef Pepe Moncayo, and became a fan of his food ever since:

CS: “Wherever he (Chef Pepe) goes, I would follow him. I enjoy his cooking very much and never get tired of it! He’s very creative and has also incorporated a lot of our local ingredients into his cooking. I trust his cooking and his taste, so we got together by chance and started this restaurant.”

When asked why she chose the concept of marrying Spanish tapas with sake at her restaurant, Constance reveals the versatility of sake when paired with food and how she wanted to do something different from conventional Spanish cuisine:

CS: “As Chef is Spanish, we would naturally serve Spanish tapas food. Why sake? I’m a sake lover and we came to realise that sake actually goes really, really well with everything! You could pair it with appetisers, salads, fish, meat or even cheese – not just sushi – which is a misconception many people have. The umami in sake actually enhances the taste of the food – unlike wine, which is more acidic and would kill off the taste. We learnt about sake-pairing from a Japanese brewer who introduced sake into other cuisine when he was working at a restaurant in Europe.”

Staying healthy despite a busy schedule

Having to juggle both roles as an actress and restaurateur is no easy feat, but Constance believes in striking a balance and making the effort (no matter how tiny it is) to stay healthy and active. Unlike many of us, Constance shares that she does not have the luxury of time to hit the gym or prepare her own meals. She offers some tips on how to work around this:

CS: “Whenever I start shooting, I seriously have no time at all. I used to go for yoga classes and even got a trainer at the gym… but with my busy schedule now, I actually do my workouts at home. I would just go onto YouTube and follow the workout videos from channels such as Fitness Blender, Pop Sugar, or Zuzka Light. Sometimes it only takes 15 to 20 minutes (at least I’m doing something), and I can choose whichever workout I want to do. This saves me a lot of time!”

Just like many of us who are caught up with work and have no time for meal prep, Constance shares that she overcomes this by trying to take at least one to two healthy meals a day:

CS: “In the morning, I will usually make a smoothie with vegetables, berries and a probiotic supplement. On top of that, I will also take two egg whites for breakfast. I try to have at least something good in the morning – before all the junk food starts coming in! I think we really lack vegetable and fibre intake as it’s hard to find vegetables in our meals all the time unless we take salads. As for lunch, if I’m working, I will have something lighter like fish soup. So at least I try to keep my two first meals healthier before I let myself indulge a bit more when it’s dinner time.”

Taking supplements to achieve a balanced diet and youthful skin

It’s hard to get all the essential nutrients that we need just through our daily diet. Constance shares exclusive details about the supplements, recipes and ingredients she incorporates into her diet:

constance song mary chia

Constance with the MU Detox Probiotics and MU MIEUX Collagen Drinks

CS: “Sometimes when we’re too busy, we may forget to take enough vegetables and nutrients. The Mary Chia MU Detox Probiotics I’ve been adding to my smoothies have really helped me with my digestion. I simply add the probiotics together with organic salad mixes, which you can easily get from FairPrice Finest (I would usually buy about three to four boxes); and blend them together with blueberries, strawberries, kiwis and beetroot, depending on my preference. I just use water for the smoothie base, but coconut water would taste good too.”

While supplements such as the MU Detox Probiotics can help with things like digestion, Constance adds that she regularly takes collagen drinks to maintain youthful skin:

“I go under the sun quite a lot. Besides shooting, I play golf as well and that means I’m exposed to quite a bit of sun damage. Luckily, I’ve also been taking the Mary Chia MU MIEUX Collagen Drink, which has really, really helped me. For me, I really do not have the time and patience to go for facials. Making such adjustments (like taking supplements) to improve my inner health works perfectly for me as it’s easy for me to just grab-and-go.”

Exercise is still key to looking youthful

Besides maintaining a healthy diet and trying to fit workouts into her tight schedule, Constance believes that exercise is still the best way to looking and feeling young:

CS: “I believe exercise is the best anti-ageing method for me, and it also helps in the long-term. This is of course on top of eating well and taking the right supplements for your inner health. Exercising also helps to make you feel younger, and you feel more energetic and not so ‘lao lao’ (old). The best way to stay youthful for a longer period of time is still exercising, getting the right nutrients and supplements, and to be happy.”

When asked about any fitness aspirations she may have:

CS: “I hope I can be more disciplined and less ‘tam chiak’ (greedy). I’ve always dreamed of having nice six-pack abs but it’s a bit tough because I’m such a foodie!”

A balanced lifestyle is a happy one

The actress finished off with some words of wisdom, emphasising that doing what makes you happy is essential for a balanced lifestyle:

CS: “Do the things that make you happy and be with someone that makes you happy. I believe in balance. I don’t believe in overworking and missing out on your social life or spending time with your family. There should always be a balance – time for yourself, time for loved ones, and time for exercise – besides work. As long as everything is well-balanced, you will also be a happier person.”

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