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In Conversation With Valerie Chai, Co-Founder Of Superlife Co

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We interview Valerie Chai, Co-Founder of Superlife Co, who shares how adding organic superfoods to her diet has brought her out of poor health.

Superlife Co Online Store

Superlife Co Online Store

As an e-business that imports and retails organic and premium grade superfoods, Superlife Co was started by a team of three women with the aim of helping customers lose weight, boost energy, and prevent ageing in a natural and healthy way.

We spoke with one of their Co-Founders, Valerie Chai (VC), and got her to share more about her background and how the incorporation of superfoods into her diet has improved her health problems.

AA: Hi Valerie, can you tell us what got you started on adding superfoods to your diet and how has it improve your overall health?

VC: I believe that we can be empowered with good physical health through our diet, as it also leads to a healthy mind and emotional wellbeing. I did not have great health to start with. To name a few, I had a weak immune system and fell sick very often. I also had constipation problems and serious menstrual cramps (to the point of vomiting and fainting), and I was seeing a Chinese physician for years but it did not help.

I chanced upon chia seeds four years back when I was in the States and after taking them, the constipation problems that I have been struggling with for 20 years were naturally resolved. I then started to do intensive research and learned more about ancient foods such as maca powder, quinoa and cacao; as well as how vegetable oil cannot be broken down by our body. I began to believe that there is a natural remedy for most of our health issues and it is through changing or supplementing our diet. 

Our forefathers have suffered from the repercussions of processed foods and many are tortured with illnesses such as stroke, cancer, and diabetes in old age. I believe it is time we start changing up our diets for a sustainable, healthy life in the future and it’s all about taking the first step to make that change.

AA: What inspired you to start Superlife Co as a business?

VC: Many of my friends saw that the change in my diet had improved my immune system, appearance, as well as mental state. Because quality organic superfoods were not readily available in Singapore, they got me to help them purchase them from the States whenever I ordered mine. As more and more friends got me to order for them, I realised that there is a demand for good quality organic superfoods.

I chanced upon the topic with my golf mate, Irene, and realised that she had been replacing her energy drinks with maca powder to keep her awake and energised. We realised we had the same vision and belief that there is a natural cure for everything. Subsequently another friend of mine, Feline, who had been struggling with autoimmunity and weight issues, told me how superfoods has helped her tremendously and would like to do something about it too. While catching up with another friend, Keat, I was told that he was carrying organic and natural high quality superfoods from Peru and was willing to be our supplier. With everything falling into place, we then started Superlife Co.

AA: What are some of the more popular food products on Superlife Co and their benefits?


chia seeds

Chia seeds –  Strengthens bones and teeth since it is high in calcium, anti-ageing and as mentioned earlier, relieves constipation


Quinoa –  Increases metabolism, balance blood sugar and keeps you full for a long time (perfect for diabetic patients and for people who want to lose weight), improves memory and boost energy


Cacao – Lowers blood pressure, burns fat, improves metabolism rate, helps to fight free radicals and is a great brain food

maca powder

Maca – Regulates hormones (it’s like a natural pink panadol or a natural blue Viagra!)

AA: What are your personal favourite food products from Superlife Co and how do you usually incorporate them into your diet?

VC: I love quinoa! It is a plant-based protein which contains essential amino acids that are extremely beneficial for us. I have completely replaced both my rice and bread with quinoa now. You can also cook quinoa in the rice cooker like you do with rice. I always add rock salt, coconut oil and sesame oil into my quinoa. Sometimes I make quinoa fried rice, quinoa chicken rice or quinoa bibimbap for my friends and they love it!

I would also always start my day with a probiotics drink and take quinoa cacao chia porridge for breakfast. I also substitute my cooking oil with coconut oil or avocado oil for both my lunch and dinner.

AA: Besides eating well, what are some other tips you would recommend for overall wellness?

VC: Sleep well, stay happy and exercise (you do not need to hit the gym, even walking or doing household chores is a form of exercise!).

I can’t agree more with the saying that “you are what you eat”, since 80 percent of our health depends on our diet. Once you have a good and balanced diet, overall wellness such as being able to sleep well, having healthy emotions and a healthy mental mind will all follow!

To find out more about Superlife Co and its organic products, visit



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