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In Conversation With Viveca Jensen

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We interview Viveca Jensen, the creator of unique workout programme Piloxing, to share more about its effectiveness and how it can benefit the body.

Drawing elements from dance, pilates and boxing, Viveca Jensen (VJ) crafted a new inter-disciplinary exercise program which she calls Piloxing. As an active mom herself, Viveca certainly shines as an example for fellow mothers in their 40s and above who would like to stay fit. We invite her to share more about Piloxing and why active agers should pick it up to keep fit.

AA: Firstly, what is Piloxing and what inspired you to create this workout programme?

VJ: I was born in Sweden where I grew up as a dancer, training at the internationally renowned Stockholm Ballet Academy and received my master’s degree in Dance. I later followed my dance career to Los Angeles, CA, where it was cut short due to a knee injury. I was able to rehabilitate my knee with Pilates and loved it so much I got certified and trained under Master Pilates instructor, Ivon Dahl, a protégé of Bruce King; an original instructor under Joseph H. Pilates himself. I’m also a Master Pilates instructor and own a studio in Los Angeles, CA where I train my private clients.

I came up with the concept of Piloxing six years ago while training my private Pilates clients in a small studio at Los Angeles, CA. My clients started asking how they could incorporate cardio into their Pilates reformer sessions. Since I’ve always been doing boxing as my cardio workout, I came up with the concept of combining the two disciplines (Pilates and Boxing) after my clients started asking for cardio. I taught my first test class with my clients and they loved it! This led to more and more classes weekly. In 2010 I started the Piloxing Instructor Academy, which educates and licenses instructors to teach the programme.

AA: I understand there are different types of Piloxing classes. Can you tell us more about each of them?

VJ: We’ve got three different types of Piloxing classes – The original Piloxing programme, Piloxing Barre and Piloxing Knockout. The original Piloxing programme is a non-stop cardio fusion of standing pilates, boxing and dance that blends the power, speed and agility of Boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of Pilates. The dance moves that I add to the workout are great for toning muscle, burning fat and increasing stamina. These techniques are supplemented with weighted gloves to further tone the arms and build cardiovascular health.

Piloxing Barre on the other hand, is more low-impact and utilizes a Ballet Barre throughout the class to create full body awareness. It’s still intensity building as it’s created on the foundations of Piloxing and integrates boxing moves with ballet-inspired Pilates moves. The programme is also supplemented with weighted gloves for that extra calorie burn.

If you want to take it up a notch, Piloxing Knockout is a high-intensity, sports influenced, total body workout using half-pound Piloxing gloves. The power workout lasts for 45 minutes and includes core-strengthening exercises influenced by Boxing, functional training, cardio and Plyometrics. The workout is designed to really test your endurance and push you beyond your physical limits. I’ve also incorporated other dynamic conditioning exercises like burpees, planks and push-ups – all done with a Piloxing-style twist!

AA: What are some of the health benefits you’ve experienced from Piloxing?

VJ: I believe fitness fusion can be a highly efficient way to achieve results. Piloxing works every single muscle in your body by doing squats, lunges, leg lifts (while balancing on the opposite leg), boxing jabs and much more!  Piloxing engages your core throughout the class, which improves balance, posture and gives you strong, beautiful abs. In order to maintain your balance and throw punches, all muscles have to work together in unison. Piloxing will tone your arms, lift your butt and give your legs long lean muscles.

AA: Besides Piloxing, what other activities do you take part in to stay fit?

VJ: I teach Piloxing classes at my Los Angeles studio twice a week, but when I’m on the road I’ll sometimes teach two to three master classes in a single day. I also train doing Pilates reformer three to four days a week and box with a private trainer twice a week. I love staying active and will often go on a hike with my daughter on the weekend when I’m not working.

AA: What are some challenges beginners might face when they first take up Piloxing?

VJ: Piloxing can be done by everyone at different levels of intensity and we do provide modified versions for those with injuries or limitations. Beginners should push themselves to do as much as they can but focus on mastering the technique of Pilates and Boxing. More advanced students can push themselves harder by powering their movement more, bending deeper, and stretching further. We have people from the ages of 16 to 70 all in the same class!

AA: What are some advantages Piloxing has over other exercises such as Zumba or Kickboxing?

VJ: What makes Piloxing different from Zumba and Kickboxing is that it combines two very different disciplines into one workout. Boxing and Pilates have been, and continue to be two very popular fitness disciplines for decades because they are highly effective. Clients get both a muscle-toning and cardiovascular workout during the hour-long class.

AA: How would you encourage an active ager to take up Piloxing?

VJ: Piloxing is suitable for all ages. Active agers can benefit by gaining a better balance and posture through the Pilates principles. Piloxing is also great for heart health.

AA: Thank you for your time, Viveca.

VJ: You’re welcome!

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