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In Conversation With Zoe Tay On Presbyopia

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We interview top local actress and mom, Zoe Tay to share about her experience with presbyopia and how the new 1-Day ACUVUE MOIST Brand Multifocal contact lenses has helped her.

Presbyopia is an age-related eye condition where the lens within the eye loses its elasticity, resulting in a reduced ability to see near distances. This condition occurs gradually and naturally to everyone above the age of 40, and even to those who have undergone LASIK surgeries for myopia before the onset of presbyopia. People with presbyopia struggle with simple tasks such as reading fine print, and often suffer from strained eyes and headaches after focusing on near objects for prolonged periods.

Local celebrity, Zoe Tay (ZT) is also one of the many who suffers from presbyopia, and we have invited her to share how presbyopia has impacted her life as an actress and a mother. As the ambassador of the 1-Day ACUVUE MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL contact lenses, we got Zoe to share how the lenses has helped her as well.

AA: Hi Zoe, firstly, when did you discover you might have presbyopia, and how did it affect your career as an actress and your role as a mother?

ZT: I think it was about three to four years ago when I was diagnosed with it. and that is considered to be quite a late age. A few of my friends who are younger than me are already experiencing symptoms of presbyopia.

It was tough reading my script at work, the newspapers, and even watching television. It was quite obvious that I had a vision problem and I would often wonder why I couldn’t see the words clearly. They always seemed blurry.

Whenever I was at a restaurant, I would have difficulty reading the words on the menu too. Of course it also made it harder for me to read to my children. This is why I constantly remind them that their eyes are very important, and that they should care for them. Having crystal clear vision is essential to living a good life.

AA: What were your first thoughts when you discovered you had presbyopia?

ZT: Well, I tried not to think too much about it at first but my eye condition was deteriorating and I knew I had to seek professional help. Honestly, I thought I had to wear glasses for the rest of my life. I didn’t think wearing contact lenses would help.

AA: How did you eventually turn to using 1-Day ACUVUE MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL lenses to combat presbyopia?

ZT: After realising I could no longer deny that my vision was compromising my day-to-day quality of life, I went to see my Eye Care Professional, who thankfully introduced me to 1-Day ACUVUE MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL.

AA: How has Acuvue’s product benefited or impacted your life in terms of your career and as a mother?

ZT: I think I came to a point where I know I’m 40+ and I feel it should be the best time of my life. I want to start enjoying every moment as an actress, a wife and a mother. I didn’t want my vision to compromise my lifestyle and so I choose to be “sharper than ever” – which is what 1-Day ACUVUE MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL is all about. I’ve always believed that you can have it all but it all starts from knowing what you want and how to treat yourself well. The contact lenses have given me healthy and comfortable eyes with sharp vision every day, which is really important in helping me appreciate the best moments in life.

AA: What are some words of advice you would offer an active ager who is new to presbyopia and unsure of what to about it?

ZT: Firstly, remember that presbyopia is inevitable. It is going to happen to everyone at some point in life, so it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Your late 30s or early 40s is a common age to get Presbyopia, and if you start experiencing early symptoms, don’t procrastinate getting a proper check-up done with an Eye Care Professional.

Personally, my check-up at the ACUVUE Experience Centre was really great. I went there completely unsure of what to do and the Eye Care Professional considered all aspects of my lifestyle and eye health before prescribing me the 1-Day ACUVUE MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL contact lenses.

AA: Thank you for your time, Zoe.

ZT: You’re most welcome.




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