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Innovative Mooncake Creations At St Regis

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This Mid-Autumn Festival, Yan Ting restaurant brings to you an exquisite selection of snow skin mooncake creations alongside its usual traditional baked flavours.

Be surprised this Mid-Autumn season as Yan Ting celebrates the festival with four new snow skin flavours alongside baked mooncake signatures.

Inventive Snow Skin Creations

Yan Ting Pomegranate Truffle with Red Bean Chendol Paste

Making its debut this year is the Pomegranate Truffle with Red Bean Chendol Paste Snow Skin Mooncake (SGD 75+ per box of eight). The mooncake unveils a citrusy flavour from the pomegranate that balances out the sweetness of the red bean chendol paste.

Another new addition is the savoury-sweet Salted Peanut Truffle with Black Sesame Paste Snow Skin Mooncake (SGD 75+ per box of eight), which features black sesame paste and salted peanut encased within a milk chocolate truffle.

Yan Ting Purple Sweet Potato with Water Chestnut and Salted Yam Paste

Featuring a timeless fusion of familiar Cantonese flavours, the new Purple Sweet Potato with Water Chestnut and Salted Yam Paste Snow Skin Mooncake (SGD 75+ per box of eight) features a slightly sweet combination that is enhanced by crunchy water chestnut bits.

Yan Ting Portuguese Custard Paste

Fans of salted egg yolk will love the new Portuguese Custard Paste Snow Skin Mooncake (SGD 73+ per box of eight). The yellow hued mooncake is infused with a fragrant and smooth mixture, and lends a hint of sweet and salty flavour that lingers on the palate.

A returning favourite this year is the Pure ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian Indulgence Snow Skin Mooncake (SGD 118+ per box of eight), featuring rich luscious chunks of the well-loved fruit and an alluring aroma.

Traditional Gold-hued Mooncake Signatures

Yan Ting White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk

Gracing the Mid-Autumn Festival this year is the Baked Mooncake with White Lotus Paste and Single (SGD 76+ per box of four) or Double Yolks (SGD 79+ per box of four). A new addition to this year’s baked assortments is the Four Yolks version (SGD 108+ per box of four).

Yan Ting Assorted Baked Mooncakes

Other flavours include the White Lotus Paste with Assorted Nuts and Yunnan Ham Baked Mooncake (SGD 79+ per box of four) which offers a delightful texture and crunch; as well as healthier options such as the Reduced Sugar White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts Baked Mooncake (SGD 72+ per box of four).

Premium Gift Boxes

On top of new mooncake creations, Yan Ting offers lavish gifting options this year that would make ideal gifts for loved ones or business associates.

Yan Ting Four Traditional Baked Mooncakes Premium Gift Set

These gift sets include the Eight Treasures Assorted Snow Skin Mooncakes Premium Gift Set (SGD 148+ per box) and the Four Traditional Baked Mooncakes Premium Gift Set (SGD 168+ per box), and each gift set is complemented with premium-grade Pu Erh tea and a beautifully designed teapot set.

Decked in bright orange hues, this year’s mooncake gift sets and regular mooncake boxes are all designed to serve as storage options for cherished mementos or treasured watches and jewellery.

All mooncakes are available from now to 15 September 2016 at Yan Ting restaurant (Level 1U), and La Patisserie (Lobby Level) of St Regis Singapore. Enjoy Early Bird discounts of 5 percent off when you order before 1 September 2016.

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