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Hi there!

I would like to introduce a new publication to all of you.

Called The Active Age, this is a new online title that looks to cover trends, insights, features and products that impact Active Agers.

We are all aware that our society is growing older. The world has already met its first ‘super-aged’ country in Japan, where more than 20 percent of the population is older than 65. Singapore is next on that list, scheduled to enter superage-dom by 2023.

We are looking to write for those who aspire to lifestyles that go beyond the (long, boring) wait to retire or the simple fulfillment of looking after the grand kids. These are readers that are interested in stories about health, nutrition, travel, dining, technology and reviews of products and services. These are people looking to increase their understanding of trends and situations that will influence and impact them as they grow older. Overall, these are active agers that want to live life fully and ride into the sunset with a smile on their faces wherever they are in this world!

This is a large group looking to enter their silver years over the next 20 years or so. However, this is not a group that will go the way of the Baby Boomer. This is a group that wants, and no, demands that they be a force to be reckoned with both economically and socially. This is a group that knows their way around the internet be it on the computer, tablet or smartphone and wants to travel to expand their minds and dine at places that give them experiences to savour. This is the group that younger generations will look up to as a role model, not only in terms of ethics and morals but especially how they enjoyed living good lives to the end.

Enter The Active Age.

This is a publication that wants to offer background, context, insights and hopefully, good, high quality and readable stories and articles about and for the active ager. We look to offer original reporting in the context of lifestyle-driven articles about the people, the brands, the issues and the perspectives that make active aging smoother and easier. We aspire to meet curiosity with answers that won’t bore or lecture. And we hope that our readers will come to rely on the publication as a place to find good, informational articles, not necessarily headline news, as well as perspective that they might not find elsewhere.

We are excited to have the opportunity to write and to serve by adding to the information and content available to the active ager during these times. Please extend your support to us by reading and sharing our articles and feel free to reach out to us with story ideas that you want to read about!

This article marks the official launch of The Active Age. Please follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Aaron Kong, Founder.




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