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Jacada Travel Offers New Polar Itineraries

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Jacada Travel, leading expert of private-guided luxury travel has now extended its programmes to include Antarctica, Norway and Iceland.

Having offered travellers unique insider guides to Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia since 2008, Jacada Travel now extends its in-depth programmes to include the Polar region. Jacada Travel will provide bespoke travel to Antarctica, Iceland and Norway and craft personal itineraries to best accommodate the client’s interest.

Plan a unique and luxurious holiday with Jacada Travel to one of these magnificent places:

Antartica – Jacada Travel offers various remote expeditions at the Antarctica to give travellers the opportunity to explore the ‘White Continent’ and appreciate the stunning scenery and wildlife there. Choose between a relaxing cruise voyaging across the Antarctic waters and immerse yourselves in an experience that involves staying at expedition camps and get up-close with the terrain and wildlife. Guests can expect a variety of activities led by expert field guides such as trekking, ice cave explorations, interaction with Adelie and Emperor penguins, kite skiing and more.

Norway – Jacada Travel offers luxury private tours for guests to catch a glimpse of its glittering glaciers, midnight sun and northern lights. On top of that, unique activities such as husky sledding, glacier climbing and snowmobiling are available there too. Jacada Travel also offers visits to Tromsø; a vibrant cultural centre famous for its wooden houses, cathedrals and ancient cinemas as well as popular activities such as sailing trips or excursions to view the Northern Lights.

Iceland – Due northwest of Norway is Iceland, home to some of the most dramatic landscapes in Europe. Jacada Travel allows guests to experience some of Iceland’s best – walking behind waterfalls, soaking in the blue lagoon, hiking inside a volcano and driving along black beaches. Guests can also experience a one-of-a-kind lifestyle set among snow-capped mountains and surrounded by volcanoes in the city of Reykjavik, , or embark on expeditions to the north and south of Iceland to witness some of its natural wonders.

So end your year on a high note with an enhanced travelling experience to the Polar region planned specially for you by the experts at Jacada Travel. For more information, please visit




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