Insights + interviews’s Survey Reveals Top 5 Local Companies Singaporeans Want to Work for

By  |  0 Comments’s annual Top Companies Survey shared results of the top 10 companies that Singaporeans want to work for

In order of ranking, they are:

1) Google
2) Facebook
3) Apple
4) Singapore Airlines
5) Microsoft
6) Shell
7) Changi Airport Group
8) ExxonMobil
9) Procter & Gamble; DBS Bank
10) IBM

Out of this grouping, the top 5 local companies that Singaporeans want to work for are: Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport Group, DBS Bank, CapitaLand, and Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd.

In 2016, ran a 2016 Job Happiness Index that shared more than half of Singaporean employees are unhappy at work. As a result, employees tend towards short job tenures leading to high turnover. The company recommends that it is important to “identify Singaporean candidates’ needs and understand their reasons for joining a company”.

This year’s “Top Companies of the Year” survey shares the following insights from the employees’ perspective when choosing a company. These insights are:

  • Career development opportunities + basic salary
  • Calibre of management and leadership team
  • Work environment + culture



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