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Kärcher VC 4s cordless vacuum cleaner available in Singapore

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Kärcher’s new lightweight cordless vacuum weighs 1.25kg, has a dual-hold ergonomic design and a runtime of up to 60 minutes.

The VC 4s features a dual-hold ergonomic design that provides optimal weight distribution when using the vacuum. The vacuum can be held upright at its tail end to clean the floor, or horizontally at the top of the vacuum to clean the walls of the house.

The maximum noise output of the vacuum is 79 db(A), which is similar to the volume of some washing machines.

The VC 4s can rotate 180-degrees and swivel to clean around and under the furniture and other hard-to-reach areas at home. By dislodging the extension tube, the VC4s can be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner, and used to clean mattresses, car seats, sofas and cabinets.

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It can be easily configured to clean dust, dirt, hair, fine dust on various surfaces such as upholstery, hard floor, carpet and beds. The floor nozzle can be used to clean all types of dirt on hard surfaces while the flat floor nozzle can is suitable for cleaning both carpet and hard surfaces.

cordless vacuum

The Kärcher VC 4s is now available at all major leading electronic stores for SGD 498.