The Gen XY Lifestyle reveals costs for excess cabin luggage

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Consider travelling light for your next trip without checked baggage

Many travellers are looking to travel with cabin luggage in order to avoid the hassle and time inconvenience associated with checked baggage. Airlines are encouraging this behaviour by offering lower prices for travellers that travel with hand baggage only. has helped shed some light on baggage restrictions for both short and long-haul flights, along with potential extra costs if the weight or size allowance is exceeded.

To avoid additional charges, travellers must be aware of cabin luggage restrictions, with weight being the biggest variable. Travellers exceeding the allowance could be made to pay high fees at the airport.

Singapore Airlines provides passengers with a cabin luggage allowance of 7kg consisting of one bag and one accessory on all flights. Malaysia Airlines enforces a per unit excess luggage fee system which varies between S$27 and S$108 depending on the duration of the flight. Each unit being measured in 3 kilograms.

When flying with an international airline, Singapore travellers should be aware of the different luggage policies. On flights with Thai Airways, travellers can carry a piece of cabin luggage up to a maximum of 10kg. Cathay Pacific allows passengers to take up to 7kg on board, while KLM  travellers can take 12kg on board. Exceeding this regulation on either carrier may result in excess baggage fees.

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