The Gen XY Lifestyle Says Book Early To Save On Airfare From Singapore

By  |  0 Comments says travellers departing Singapore save the most when they book flights up to three months in advance.

Ever wondered how much you can save if you are able to just book your flights early?, a travel search engine, recently shared some numbers about booking flights in advance. Based on proprietary data, KAYAK shares that the amount saved can vary from 9 to 43 percent by booking flights just one month before departure.

There’s more secret sauce in the numbers. For nearby destinations in Asia, flights tend to be most affordable when tickets are purchased one-and-a-half months prior to departure.

You will need a wee bit more head start for Australia and New Zealand and buy those tickets two months before flying off to that dream holiday. Savings can amount up to 18 percent when prices are compared two months and one month in advance.

For destinations that are much further afield, including Europe, Africa and the Americas, you want to plan and book at least two-and-a-half months ahead of time to get the most attractive prices.

If you are planning to visit North America in a month, perhaps consider pushing your trip out as prices are 9 percent more expensive than if you booked two-and-a-half months in advance.

And if you are planning to do the long-haul flight to South America, book your flight about three months before, and possibly save 43 percent as compared to buying that ticket one month before departure.

And to sum it all for you, has provided a convenient table for easy comparison.

Region Best time to book before departure Average savings*
Asia 1.5 months (46 days) 9%
Africa 2.5 months (75 days) 22%
Caribbean 2.5 months (78 days) 20%
Europe 2.5 months (79 days) 13%
Middle East 2 months (56 days) 7%
South Pacific 2 months (70 days) 18%
North America 2.5 months (74 days) 9%
Central America 2.5 months (74 days) 28%
South America 3 months (91 days) 43%

*Compared to average flight costs when booked one month in advance can help with travel tools including Price Trend forecasts, Price Alerts, Explore (a price filtering tool by date, location or activities) and My Trips (an interactive travel itinerary accessible on browser and mobile).




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