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Keyaki Unveils A Spring Kaiseki Menu

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Master Chef Hiroshi Ishii presents a new nine-course Kaiseki menu to capture the distinctive flavours of Spring in Japan.

From now to 31 May 2016, have a taste of Spring in Japan with Keyaki’s Spring Kaiseki menu, featuring authentic Japanese cuisine crafted from premium seasonal produce.

To bring out the unique flavours of Japan’s distinctive seasonal climate, Chef Ishii has specially sourced young and fresh produce that flourish best in the cooler months. These premium seasonal ingredients include the Takenoko (Bamboo Shoot), Sakura-dai (Cherry Blossom Sea Bream), Taranome (Mountain Vegetable Bud) and Ume (Plum). Also included in the menu is the Snow Crab – a winter delicacy that is harvested in the cold waters of Japan.


Grilled Takenoko and Seafood with Spicy Cod Roe Sauce

Some menu highlights include the Grilled Takenoko and Seafood with Spicy Cod Roe Sauce, which offers a delicate contrast of fresh bamboo shoots with fresh seafood layered in a flavourful sauce.

Other highlights include the Grilled Snow Crab with Vegetables in White Sauce; the Zensai (appetiser) course featuring Grilled Clam with Miso, Sakura Dumpling, Deep-fried River Shrimp, Sesame Tofu with Sea Urchin and Grilled King Crab; the delicate pink flesh of the Sakura-dai Sashimi; and the Simmered Eel with Tofu, Mitake, Prawn and Taranome.

Have your senses transported to Japan at Keyaki as you savour skilfully crafted dishes made with seasonal ingredients at the peak of their flavours.

The Spring Kaiseki menu is available for dinner only (from 6:30pm to 10:30pm), and is priced at SGD 180.

Keyaki is located at Level 4 of Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595.



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