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KFIT Launches In Singapore

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KFIT revolutionises the way people approach fitness by offering its members access to over 400 fitness partners.

According to a survey conducted for the Singapore Sports Index 2014, 62% of 2,975 respondents participate in sports activities at least once a week. Among the sedentary, reasons such as lack of time (77%) and lack of nearby sports facilities (33%) were cited.

KFit, which established the concept of making fitness accessible, creates new possibilities for consumers to easily reach their fitness goals effortlessly − be it to lose weight, build stamina, develop strength or just to feel good about themselves − through the wide variety of activities that its fitness partners provide.

To date, KFit is the fitness aggregator with the largest offering ─ partnering over 400 fitness studios, gyms (including 5-star hotels) and facilities that present a wide range of classes and activities from Pilates, Muay Thai and CrossFit to parkour, rock climbing and indoor baseball, among many others.

To get started, simply sign up for the KFit All-Access membership which gives you unlimited activities per month and access to all venues that are listed on KFit. With a monthly subscription fee of S$99, you can enjoy the freedom of working out wherever and whenever you want. This membership is also completely flexible, with no contracts to sign and no cancellation fees.




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