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KFit’s New Beauty And Wellness Activities

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This article has been sponsored by KFit.

KFit offers new Beauty and Wellness activities for users to complement their workouts.

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For those who have not already heard of KFit, it is a fitness platform that allows users to discover, plan and book activities on the day itself and throughout the week. Users simply download the KFit mobile app to gain access to a variety of activities at discounted rates. Whether it is a yoga session at a studio or a workout class at a gym nearby, KFit brings users the convenience of browsing and booking fitness activities on-the-go.

With the launch of its new Beauty and Wellness section, KFit now offers beauty services from over 100 merchants to complement their range of available fitness activities. Aimed at promoting a holistic lifestyle, users can browse from categories such as BeautyFit and SpaFit, and book services to reward themselves post-workout such as a facial or a physiotherapy session.


KFit offers two membership options – a monthly Fitness Pass membership at SGD 99 per month, and a free membership where users may “pay per use” for a service.

Fitness Pass membership:

With the fitness pass membership, users may enjoy up to 10 activities every month from over 600 fitness merchants. Activities include Yoga, Pilates, gym accesses, Zumba, leisure cycling and many others for as low as SGD 9.90 per activity. The membership does not include BeautyFit or SpaFit activities.

Use the promo code: “ACTIVEAGER” to enjoy the first month of your Fitness Pass membership at SGD 69. The code will expire on 30 June 2016.

Free membership:

The free “pay per use” membership offers users the flexibility to book activities or services at their own time. Users may also book activities up to a week in advance, and enjoy free cancellation before the stipulated deadline in case they change their mind.

Getting started on KFit

  • First, download KFit from the App Store or Google Play, or sign up at
  • Register via Facebook or Email as a Basic Access user (free) or Fitness Access user (SGD 99 per month)
  • Browse through thousands of fitness and beauty activities, book and enjoy!

Using the KFit mobile app:

  • On the Discover tab, select from categories such as “Yoga & Pilates”, “Massage”, “Hair”, “Gym”, “Facial”, “Spa”, “Nails”, “Foot Reflexology”, “Slimming” and many others.
  • Select category of choice and filter options based on day, location, time, price and distance (based on mobile phone’s location services).
  • Activities may be reserved at a minimum of one hour in advance, allowing users to make last-minute bookings at their own convenience.
  • After reserving a slot for a particular service, users will be brought to the payment page, with the options to pay by Visa or MasterCard (credit or debit), or by PayPal.
  • Users may review the activities they have booked when they hit the My KFit tab under “Upcoming Activities”; and will be given the option to sync their KFit activity with their mobile’s calendar for added convenience.
  • Users will only be charged for the service after the cancellation deadline provided in the reservation email.
  • Cancellation is free before the cancellation deadline and can be done through My KFit tab, under “Upcoming Activities”, where users will receive a full refund.
  • Late cancellations and no shows will incur a fee of SGD 15.

Using KFit on the web:

  • On KFit’s homepage, the dashboard will show the user’s list of upcoming activities as well as past activities.
  • Users may browse activities when they click on the “Schedule” tab and filter their options according to the different categories: “SpaFit”, “StudioFit”, “GymFit”, “BeautyFit” and “SportsFit”.
  • Likewise with the KFit mobile app, users may filter their activities according to time, location and price.
  • To cancel a reservation, users simply have to go to their dashboard, select the class under “Upcoming Activities” and click “Cancel reservation”.

Beauty and Wellness Merchants on KFit

Osteopathy and injury/sports rehabilitation: Orchard Health Clinic

Orchard Health Clnic

Orchard Health Clinic is an established Osteopathy clinic in Singapore that focuses on sports injuries, common aches and pains, as well as post-surgery rehabilitation. The clinic handles difficult cases and provides practical out-of-the-box solutions for long-term problems. Their carefully handpicked team of experts ensure high quality treatments and patient-centred sessions.

A session of Sports Performance/Rehabilitation costs SGD 99 (usual price: SGD 150).

Facial: Indulgence Beauty


Located in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, Indulgence Beauty offers an array of quality customised facials using MD Dermatics products. Indulgence Beauty offers treatments that address a range of skin issues including acne, pigmentation, ageing, and dullness.

A 90-Min Indulgence Signature Customised Facial Treatment costs SGD 69 (usual price: SGD 148)

Hair: Salon De Choix

Salon De Choix

Located just beside Orchard Central, Salon De Choix is classy upscale hair salon that evokes a chic parisian vibe. The salon is increasing popular for its Natural Oil Scalp Treatment, which helps to unclog hair follicles, reduce dryness or oiliness, and nourish hair. KFit users may enjoy discounted rates for this popular scalp treatment.

The Natural Oil Scalp Treatment costs SGD 69 (usual price: SGD 99).

Nails: Nefiana Beauty

Nefiana Beauty

A must-try at Nefiana Beauty is their Classic Manicure with Hand Masque. This relaxing one-and-a-half hour combo treatment features a gentle exfoliation, cuticle care, a variety of colours to choose from, and an extended massage.

The Classic Manicure With Hand Masque costs SGD 28 (usual price: SGD 40)

Massage: G SPA


The 24,000 square feet garden-inspired spa haven offers a wide range of facilities for guests to relax and rejuvenate. KFit offers great discounts for’s signature Gateway to Vitality Massage with access to its facilities. Some facilities include steam and sauna rooms, hot and cold pools, a relaxation lounge with recliners, a rainforest-themed cafe, and even a gym! Guests may also choose from a wide range of top-to-toe treatments suitable for both males and females – including a deep tissue massage that allows guests to pamper and regenerate their bodies.

The 60-Min Gateway to Vitality Massage + Access to Facilities session costs SGD 128 (usual price: SGD 155).

Cryotherapy: Physique


KFit partners with a variety of merchants that offer unique recovery and beauty services such as Whole Body Cryotherapy. At Physique, their Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions aid in boosting the body’s metabolic rate, allowing the body to burn up to an additional 800 calories after each session (equivalent to a 13km run). Besides toning up one’s physique, the treatment also helps with muscle recovery and boosts collagen production – everything the ladies would desire!

A session of Whole Body Cryotherapy costs SGD 120 (usual price: SGD 278).

Slimming: Expressions


As a recognised pioneer in the industry, Expressions embraces the concept of “Total Wellness” – where looking and feeling good is a natural consequence of being healthy and fit. Expressions offers the Isogei or Transion Slimming Therapy for those looking to improve skin elasticity and muscle strength around the face, buttocks, arms, bust and other areas. Suitable for those with sagging muscles or wrinkles caused by ageing, the treatment provides increased lift and firmness by tightening the muscles for a more youthful appearance.

The Isogei or Transion Slimming Therapy costs SGD 28 (usual price: SGD 200).

Win Exciting Prizes When You Use KFit


KFit has launched an ongoing contest where you win guaranteed rewards! Simply spend a minimum of SGD 200 on BeautyFit or SpaFit before 19 April, and stand a chance to win over SGD 6,000 worth of prizes. The more you spend, the higher the chances of winning.

  • Grand Prize: 3D2N stay at a tropical luxury villa in Koh Samui (worth SGD 3,100)
  • 2nd Tier: 100 x Exclusive KFit Packs worth SGD 300 with complete and full-sized offerings from top fitness, health and beauty brands
  • 3rd Tier: Shopback credit bonuses for all eligible contestants

Winners will be notified on 30 April 2016. For more details on the contest, visit here.



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