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Kickstart your post-CNY workout routine

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F45 has come up with several tips to help reignite your fitness spark and restart your post-CNY workout routine.

Start slow

With many of us feeling a bit guilty for indulging in festive treats over the long holiday, you may be eager to dive right into an intense fitness routine. However, the goal should be to start slowly and work your way up to more intense workouts to prevent injuries or burn-out.

If you’re working out on your own, start with lighter weights and perfect your technique first and if you’re taking a group fitness class, ask the instructor to adapt the workouts so you can work your way up to regular intensity safely.

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Consistency is the best policy

Starting a new fitness routine can be daunting with many not knowing where to begin, but just getting started each day is the most important part! Commit to the first 15 minutes of exercise each day and you can slowly build up from there. Before you know it, your body will build up the strength to move past those 15 minutes to longer sessions, and you can capitalise on your momentum.

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Find a friend

If you’re struggling to hold yourself accountable, loop in a friend! A friend can serve as motivation to keep going, even on the days when you just want to lounge in bed. It’s a great way to keep connected during a busy week if you can’t squeeze in coffee or dinner, while doing something positive for your body.

If your friends aren’t keen on working out, you could look to meet like-minded individuals at a group fitness class which creates a sense of community to help keep you motivated.

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Purchase some new gear

Put that ang bao money to good use and invest in yourself by purchasing some new gear that makes you feel confident! Sometimes flaunting new kicks or gym gear is enough to get you out the door and into the workout mood.

Alternatively, you could look to purchase fitness classes like F45. A regular, scheduled approach to fitness may help you get into the groove of things again, plus you’ll also get to enjoy the camaraderie of group training to keep you motivated!

Workout tips and pictures provided by F45.

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