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Koh Samui. Ready to welcome back visitors!

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Many of us want to start traveling again and just as many of us are dreaming about that perfect island – Koh Samui – where a relaxing lifestyle, adventure, local culture and good food await us.

Here’s the good news. Book your next trip to Koh Samui!

After many busy years of development and increasing tourism this stunning and largest coconut island in the Gulf of Thailand has had a short break from visitors because of COVID-19. 

An important message

It’s important for us to share that there have been no new cases at all on the island since early April.

However, rules were implemented for the entire country. Tourism at Koh Samui came to a halt, but now we are ready to welcome back visitors to this beautiful island and are open for business.

Throughout the 15 years we lived on the island we got to know the locals and consider them to be genuine people who do everything to keep a positive mindset. They help and support each other wherever they can and for as long as they need.

The people

It is a cliché, but Thai people keep smiling, whatever happens. It is this attitude that makes them attractive and a contrast with many other nations. The cooperation between locals and foreigners has always led to great encounters. The exchange of cultures has always been part of life on the island and it is a great way to enjoy living or holidaying in a foreign country.

The food

There is amazing food to add to the ongoing list of traditional experiences in Samui. It is the only island where there are so many culinary options, authentic, Thai food, street food, the freshest seafood in local restaurants, or a choice of chic upscale service in fine dining restaurants.

How to enjoy?

Those who have already visited know that the island has a lot to offer when it comes to nature. From the hills to the sea, there is something for everyone and the Samui’s lush resting beauty is dazzling after this tourism hiatus. Turtles are laying eggs on the island and when snorkelling you will encounter many more fishes compared to before.

koh samui

Don’t forget that Koh Samui has more to offer than the perfect beach holiday. Discover the internal beauty of the island during a jungle safari or a self-drive tour. Visit the local markets, buy some juicy fresh fruit, see how they harvest the coconuts with monkeys, swim in the many waterfalls, and enjoy a sunset from one of the many viewpoints. 

There are also plenty of activities for the more adventurous. Take a cooking class or trill while bungee jumping or line zipping, hike up the hill in the National Marine Park or get your scuba diving certificate and discover the world underwater.

During the recent downtime, the government has taken advantage of this time to upgrade parts of the island. They is more focus on ecotourism and the government is working out a plan to implement this as quickly as possible. Walkways have been improved. Internet services are better and faster. The electricity cables will soon be put underground. There are many more upgrades to come which will only increase the comfort of everyone visiting and living on the island.

Just enjoy!

Are you ready to relax and come to this dream destination? The people of Samui are ready to welcome you and will ensure your holiday experience is taken to the next level. There will be plenty to enjoy, time to relax and much to explore. Thailand is famous for its service and hospitality, you can expect to be warmly welcomed and be ready for a wonderful time and an unforgettable holiday! 

Article contributed by Ilse Dumont, Founder of Culinary Ambition, a blog about food and travel.

Cover Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash