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Korean Air introduces SKYPETS, a frequent flyer programme for your pet

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Korean Air’s SKYPETS programme lets travellers earn free pet services or discounts for flying with their pets

25,000 Korean Air passengers took their pets on a flight with them in 2016. This was a 50 percent increase from 2015. To keep up with passengers’ preferences, Korean Air has launched their SKYPETS programme. This frequent flyer programme was created just for pets.

The SKYPETS programme is designed to simplify both the booking process and requests when booking a flight itinerary. Bookings are added directly to a passenger’s itinerary post-registration of the pet through the Korean Air website.

There is also a focus on making the journey stress-free for the pet. Dogs, cats and birds can travel with their owner either in the cabin or luggage hold. The decision on which setting to host them in, will depend on their weight and size.

The redemption module has also been designed with simplicity in mind. A one-way domestic flight with a pet will earn one stamp; while a one-way international flight will earn two stamps. Upon earning six stamps, pet owners can redeem a 50 percent discount on the pet service charge on a one-way domestic flight. Twelve stamps gets the passenger a full redemption of the pet service charge on a one-way domestic flight or 50 percent discount on the one-way international flight. 24 stamps can be redeemed for a one-way international flight ticket. These stamps are valid for three years.

Passengers have to be a member of Korean Air SKYPASS programme before they can register their pets on SKYPETS through the website.

Interested passengers can find out more details from the Korean Air website here.




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