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Lenovo’s Year-End Tablet Rush

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Lenovo’s latest launch runs the whole gamut of computing devices, but it has more than a fair share of interesting tablets – and ‘phablet’ – to demonstrate that there’s never a more exciting time for these mini devices.

Tablets have the potential to be more than just glorified e-readers or movie screens on the go. And it’s quite appropriate that the following devices illustrate an aspect of how they can be used.

Entertainment: YOGA Tab 3 Pro

Yoga Tab 3 Pro

The YOGA Tab 3 Pro sidesteps conventional ergonomics with its unusual design. And yet, it’s oddly comfortable to hold as a reading tablet, and comfortable to type on and watch videos on. Its uniqueness isn’t just limited to its form factor: it also has a built-in projector that can produce a 70-inch screen on an appropriate surface. The tablet also has a JBL sound bar built-in, and with a battery rated for 18 hours of general use, this multimedia tablet is equally at home for impromptu movie nights or presentations alike. Starts from S$899 and available end December.

Portable Workhorse: Miix 700

Miix 700

Microsoft’s Surface Pro may be the quintessential tablet-laptop hybrid, but Lenovo has thrown its own take into the Mix. The 12-inch Miix 700 is relatively modest in the hardware department, sporting a power efficient Intel Core m7, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It uses Lenovo’s proprietary watchband hinges to enable the built-in stand to be adjustable for a variety of angles, and unlike the Surface, you don’t have to shell out extra cash for the removable keyboard. Available from November and prices start from S$1,299.

Full featured tablet: Miix 300

Miix 300

Perhaps the most intriguing of the lot, because it’s a full-functioning Windows tablet-slash-laptop on the cheap. Prices start at S$499 for a 10-inch tablet, and the Miix 300 features a bare-bones Atom quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, runs Windows 10, and you can add-on a removable keyboard to boot. A template for the affordable standard-issue laptop of the future? Only time will tell. Available from November.

Phabulous Bargain: PHAB Plus


The 6.8-inch phablet is the epitome of a bargain buy – S$499 gets you quite a bit of phablet. Equipped with a mid range processor (Snapdragon 615), 2GB RAM, 32GB storage with a microSD slot that’s expandable up to 64GB, and a Full-HD IPS display, the PHAB Plus checks all the right boxes for one’s requirements. In addition, the 13-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front camera are adequate, on paper at least, while useful dual SIM support and a unibody shell adds the icing on the cake.



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