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Lose Weight by Walking

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In addition to a good diet, add walking to your routine to shave off pounds

If you are interested in losing weight while staying fit, walking may be the perfect exercise to be included in your routine. Not only is it pretty easy to get started, it’s also easy to start on this free and convenient exercise as well! All you have to do is pick up the pace whenever you are ready to sweat it out.

Although some may be skeptical about it, walking is indeed an effective fat burner when it’s done on a regular basis. Keep track of the pace and distance covered as you walk and stay focused.

Walking Speed

Strolling is a good start for those who are not used to walking with a fast pace. This is similar to a window shopping pace that lets you roughly burn 238 calories in an hour.

Once you are ready to walk faster, increase your speed to 5 – 6 kph (Kilometers per hour). This allows you to burn up to 340 calories per hour.

For those who are ready to work out more, you may take up power walking. This burns up to 564 calories an hour at 6 – 8 kph. Remember to keep your breathing in check while doing any form of brisk walking as it’s more tiring than your usual walk in the park.

Depending on your speed, walking shouldn’t be so difficult; just know your body limits and stay safe.

To help you get on the right foot, here are some tips you may want to consider:

Prepare your gear

It is compulsory to have a pair of comfortable walking shoes with ample feet space. Make sure it has heel counters to prevent slipping and injuries. Select light weighted shoes so that it’s easier for you to increase your pace.

To stay active, use a pedometer to check on your progress. Some pedometers out there can display stats such as distance covered, calories burned, speed and more. Your smartphone can also be used as a pedometer when you download apps like Moves.

Choose a location

The perks of walking are that you can choose your location depending on the weather and your mood. If it happens to rain on that particular day, you can opt to walk on your treadmill indoors.

Before starting your work out, make sure you have a route in mind before heading out. Don’t waste time strolling around and thinking of where to go next.

Challenge your body by going for difficult terrains. It’s good to walk up and downhill occasionally as it trains your mental and physical strength. You can also go hiking with your buddies from time to time, allowing you to stay close to nature while exercising.

Eat breakfast before walking

Breakfast is important before working out. It fuels your body with nutrients, preparing it for what’s to come during the workout session. It doesn’t have to be a heavy one; you can grab your favorite yogurt, cereal or even a piece of banana before heading out.

Vary your walking pace

You may be a fan of brisk walking and it will be better to vary your walking pace. This prevents your body from getting used to the usual pace, causing your progress to stay stagnant until you find new challenges to do.

Integrate walking into your daily routine

It’s difficult to get both the ball rolling and stick to a routine. Instead of finding time to walk, strive to make time for it. You’ll be surprised at the change in fitness levels once you develop the habit of working out regularly.



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