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MasterChef Asia Premieres on Lifetime Channel

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Lifetime brings together 15 aspiring home cooks from across Asia in the first season of MasterChef Asia.

If you’ve been closely following the popular MasterChef series, you’ll be thrilled to know that an Asian version is now available on Lifetime channel this September.

The show will present a panel of world class judges – Hong Kong-born culinary genius and fusion specialist, Susur Lee; renowned 3 Michelin-star Chef Bruno Ménard; and Singapore-born food entrepreneur and MasterChef Australia finalist, Audra Morrice.

From the MasterChef kitchen to offsite and overseas challenges, the 15 episodes will culminate to one final home-cook clinching the title of the first ever MasterChef Asia.

MasterChef Asia S1: Episode 1

Catch the first episode premiering tonight, where 15 of the best home cooks in the region will begin their 15-week journey under the guidance of the three judges. The contestants’ first challenge would involve cooking a dish to tell the judges who they are.

MasterChef Asia S1: Episode 2

The second episode will feature MasterChef Asia’s first offsite challenge where the remaining 14 contestants will be divided into two teams to serve five different types of canapés to 80 VIP guests at the Singapore Flyer. Catch the rollercoaster of emotions with some contestants laughing, crying or getting angry as they try to impress the judges in this gripping challenge.

MasterChef Asia S1: Episode 3

In episode three, the remaining 13 contestants are tasked with the famous Mystery Box challenge. Nine ingredients are given and the contestants have to make a sweet and savoury dish from at least one of them. The winner of this challenge gets the advantage of selecting one of three ingredients that is usually featured in Asian soups for the next challenge – the Inventive Test.

MasterChef Asia S1: Episode 4

In the fourth episode, the remaining 12 contestants will split into three teams of four and man their own stall at Singapore’s famous Lau Pa Sat hawker centre. Each team is tasked to prepare one of the three main ethnic cuisines of Singapore – Malay, Indian and Chinese. Find out who captures the hearts of the public and who doesn’t in this episode.

Singapore Contestant 27 Year Old Lennard Yeong_Credit to Lifetime Asia

Lennard Yeong


Singapore Contestant 27 Year Old Woo Wai Leong_Credit to Lifetime Asia

Woo Wai Leong


Singapore Contestant 41 Year Old Sandrian Tan_Credit to Lifetime Asia

Sandrian Tan

Be sure to support the three Singaporean contestants in MasterChef Asia – Lennard Yeong, Woo Wai Leong, and Sandrian Tan.

MasterChef Asia will screen on the Lifetime channel (Starhub TV Channel 514) every Thursday at 9pm.



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