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Mooncakes To Try This Mid-Autumn Festival

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Start your Mid-Autumn Festival right with this selection of mooncakes suitable for all palates.

With the wide variety of mooncake options available in the market, here’s a selection of delights that will satisfy you this coming Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Pandan with Gula Melaka Snowskin Mooncake







The Fullerton Snow Skin Treasures collection by The Fullerton Hotel Singapore offers a contemporary take of traditional and delectable local flavours. One highlight from this range would be the Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin mooncake. Encased in a regal jade coloured snowskin coat, this mooncake combines modernity with a good dose of nostalgia to create a homely flavour.

A classic box of four is priced at S$55 while a premium box adorned with jade is priced at S$69.









If you’re looking to strike a balance between old and modern, Smoulder’s premium snowskin mooncakes are just the treat for you. The mooncakes contain a unique inner paste that comes in five flavours – Dark Chocolate, Banana Chocolate, Green Tea, Rum & Raisin and Raspberry.

These specialty snowskin mooncakes are priced at S$49 for a box of eight.

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore








Watching your cholesterol level? The Mini Snow-Skin Imperial Consort Mooncake (infused with hand-harvested 18-year-old Pu-erh tea leaves from Yunnan, China) will leave you feeling guilt-free while you satisfy your snowskin cravings. Each mooncake is filled with a unique tea jelly centre – one of Shangri-La’s unprecedented creations.

These mooncakes are priced at S$66.35 for a box of eight.









Not so big on snowskin mooncakes? BreadTalk’s latest INDULGENCE collection presents some perennial baked favourites, more specifically, the collection’s classic Lotus with Yolk Blend provides a pleasing sweet and savoury combination of flavours. This mooncake selection is available at all BreadTalk outlets island-wide.

The mooncakes retail at S$52.80 for a box of four.

Carlton Hotel Singapore

Traditional Mixed Nuts Mooncake







Carlton Hotel Singapore adds a twist to the classic mooncake with its Traditional Mixed Nuts Mooncake. Essentially Cantonese, it is a lighter, healthier option consisting of almonds, walnuts, winter melon, tangerine, sesame and melon seeds. The combination of this wide variety of ingredients blends together in perfect harmony for a delicious nutty flavour.

These delights are going at S$64 for a box of four.

Starbucks Singapore








For coffee-lovers, Starbucks Coffee Singapore will get you excited with their latest handcrafted coffee-infused White Lotus Paste with Caramel mooncake. It is a unique blend of Starbucks’ very own Frappuccino Roast infused into smooth white lotus paste, complementing its caramel paste centre.

The mooncakes are available at S$43.80 for a box of eight.









Tantalise your taste buds this mid-autumn festival with delicious icy treats from Swensen’s selection of premium exotic-flavoured ice cream mooncakes. Their new Queen of Earl Grey ice cream mooncake infused with crunchy almond bits is a great option for the adventurous eater with an appetite for something less conventional.

These are going at S$32.80 for a box of four.


With this delicious array of options to choose from, there is little to worry about when it comes to selecting the right mooncake to suit your liking. For the more health-conscious, choose between Shangri-La’s low-cholesterol mooncake and Carlton Hotel’s nutty mooncake. For more family-friendly options, Smoulder’s or Swensen’s mooncakes are definitely good starters to pick from. So what are you waiting for, grab the mooncakes of your choice while they last!




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