More People Using Mobile Devices For Travel Search-And-Compare

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Research done by and Lenovo recently showed that the usage of mobile devices to search, compare and book travel accommodation online is becoming increasingly popular.

According to the survey, 59 percent of respondents in Asia indicated that searching for travel accommodation online via mobile is their top use case. Asia came in 13 percent higher than the global average, with Thailand ranking the highest at 65 percent amongst Asian countries.

The second most popular activity was to compare prices of travel accommodation online, with 50 percent of the respondents from Asia stating they do so. This is 10 percent higher than the global average.

33 percent of consumers in Asia said that they book travel accommodation through their mobile devices with 63 percent stating they are likely to use mobile devices in the future for making travel accommodation booking.

The survey findings are based on the responses of over 12,000 online participants in over 25 major international markets, covering the Americas, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Oceania. Respondents were demographically representative of the internet-active adult population.

Time to invest in a good smartphone and a data plan to help with travel decisions!


(Infographic by Lenovo)




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