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New Adidas Apparel Lowers Your Temperature

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With the heat wave in full effect this month, you might want to consider the adidas Climachill range of apparel.

The adidas Climachill is a revolutionary active cooling technology that lowers athletes’ body temperature so they can train harder, run longer and compete better. The Climachill range incorporates an innovative fabric using titanium and 3D aluminum cooling spheres, providing an instant ‘chill’ effect to help athletes’ performance in warm conditions.

Combining evaporation and conduction methods into a single technology, adidas’ Climachill helps athletes perform better by managing temperature through revolutionary aluminum cooling spheres strategically located at the warmest area of the body and upon contact helps cool skin down. In addition to the aluminum dots, the ground-breaking SubZero flat yarn contains titanium and is woven throughout the inside of each Climachill jersey, delivering up to 36 % more cooling capacity.








The range was rigorously tested in the state-of-the art adidas ‘Clima’ chamber, with temperatures as high as 50°C. By using a 35-degree ‘hot plate’ to simulate critical conditions the human skin is exposed to, adidas was able to determine a pre-selection of functional fabrics to find the ultimate Climachill fabric.

The Climachill technology is incorporated in Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s Training and Tennis apparel and is available from S$59.




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